Recommendations for Good Jogging Stroller

Updated on May 09, 2007
J.H. asks from Alpharetta, GA
9 answers

We're looking at buying a jogging stroller and I'm interested in recommendations on ones that you've liked and would definitely recommend and also those that you didn't like and why...


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answers from Savannah on

We have the Baby Trend Expedition that my friends bought for my shower at Target. We have not had any problems with it, and my child loves to ride in it. She's 11 mos now and we've been using it since she was about 6 mos old. It's a sharp stroller and very inexpensive.

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answers from Atlanta on

I have a 3 year old Baby Trend Expedition, but it has more options than the one at Target (other advice listed below). Mine was a complete travel system sold at Babies R Us. It came with a infant carseat, base & jogging stroller with cupholder/tray on front that held the carseat. I have to say that the 3 big wheels do give a smooth ride, but the front wheel does not turn and that is what has aggrivated me the most. If you plan on walking/jogging in a straight line, then fine, but most of the trails I have used this on I really would have liked the front wheel to swivel. I know they have more options now with the jogging strollers, and my advice would be to find one that has a front wheel with options. The larger the wheel the smoother the ride, and you should find one where the front wheel can turn or be locked straight. All tires should be the rubber inflatable kind for a smoother ride. Having a cupholder/tray on front is a plus too because it just seems to give more stability to the stroller and even though your baby should always be buckled in, it just gives an extra security that they can't just fall out the front. Snacks and drinks are always welcome on long outings anyways.

Also, I would check out baby specialty stores like for model comparison on strollers and then look around the internet or local stores for price comparison if you are looking to get the best price. I know babiesrus always have coupons to get something free if you spend $75 in their store (usually its an umbrella stroller), but I found that Walmart & Target have the lower cost strollers and you basically "get what you pay for" quality wise.



answers from Augusta on

I've never bought a jogging stroller but I can tell you usually when I want to check out the quality of something I'm interested in buying I try to find it at or or w/e u may think it might be sold and finding other reviews on it. Most chain store sites offer it like walmart and it's usually located on the same page as the item ur viewing at the bottom should be a link saying "Reviews" highlighted and it offers the opinions from other people who have bought it. I've found some that have great reviews and some that have half in half or all bad. I check it anything I go to buy had saved me from a lot of useless buys. I took a minute to post a link for you, it's an exzample of what I'm talking about but I didnt see that walmart had any reviews on theirs. Not sure if babys r us does it either but you could check.



answers from Atlanta on

if you plan on going "offroad" or on a trail with tight turns you will need one where the front wheel swivels. I just run down our road that is curvy but no tight turns so one without the swivel wheel doesn't bother me, but you definately can't take it too the mall or anything. It's like a brick on wheels. But my daughter loves to be in her jogging stroller. I have the Expedition from Babies R Us instead of Target (just for the cup holder and infant seat attachment). My daughter went for her first walk in it at one week old and I've not been able to go on any run or walk without her since. It also worked good on the beach!!



answers from Atlanta on

I have the B.O.B. Revolution and I love it. The front wheel swivels or can be locked into place as well. I know four other Moms with the same stroller and they all love it.

The downside is that it is expensive. I use mine daily so for me it was worth the expense, and also I take it on trails (small gravel pebbles) and needed something that could go "off road."

Hope that helps!



answers from Atlanta on

I would look for a walking stroller unless you are really planning on jogging. The difference between the two is that walking strollers' front wheel swivels and jogging strollers' front wheels do not. I have a jogging stroller and hate it. It is so hard to walk on a winding road. I have to pick up the front end if I am taking a sharp turn. Hope this helps.



answers from Atlanta on

I just got a new Schwinn Safari (model SC625) walking/jogging stroller about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. It has a swivel front wheel and is great for walking and all terrain use. You can also lock the front wheel if you want to jog with it. I walk my 9 month old son and dog each day about 2 miles in our neighborhood and its a breeze to push on the roads/side walks, grass and is easy to get up/down curbs etc. It is also light weight only about 21 lbs and for a jogger/walker stroller that is light. The steering is great and it turns on a dime. That feature alone is why I love this stroller and I am able to take my dog on the walks with us as well. I did alot of research online and read alot of reviews before choosing this stroller. It is very similiar to the InStep Safari but this year the 2007 model of the Schwinn comes with al little more extras. The stroller folds easily and the wheels come off easy so you can also take it in the car. The only downside to the stroller is the cupholder (water bottles fall out when taking turns) and the size-I wouldn't reccomend it for mall/shopping use. But for everyday walking in all terrains, I think it's wonderful. My son loves the stroller and it fits him great and has lots of growing room.

The cost is about $150 deppending on where you get it and it is worth every penny. I love it more than my car stroller which is a Peg Aria (got that due to the light weight/small size) There are plenty of them available on e-bay brand new for about $140 with the shipping and Costco online also sells it. Here is a link to the stroller from jogging



answers from Savannah on

I would agree with Vicki, I just used the website she listed and bought the single Baby Jogger stroller in red and black due to the reviews and I love it. It is one of the more expensive models but well worth it to me. The reviews are unbiased and honest and the product was shipped to me super quick. I also got these great speakers that attach to the stroller handle to plug in my MP3 player and play music for me and my son while I use the stroller.

Good Luck.



answers from Atlanta on

There are two brands that my running friends and I recommend: Bob and Jogging Stroller.

I personally have a Bob Ironman (don't let the name fool you). I love it!

Things to look for and consider:
1. Where are you going to be using the stoller? Paved roads? Trails? The bigger the wheel, the smoother the ride for the child. One exception: the Bob strollers have suspension that most others don't, so their wheel sizes tend to be a tad smaller.

2. How much are you going to use the stroller? The more you plan to use it, the more I encourage you to spend a little more and get a higher end stroller.

3. Sun shades are important in the south. Make sure whatever you choose had adequate coverage.

4. A reclining seat is more important than you think! :)

5. Will you need to transport the stroller? What kind of car do you have? Will the stroller fit in it? Without taking the wheels off? (I hate dealing with taking the wheels off, so being able to get it in the car with the wheels on was very important to me.) How heavy is the stroller?

REI has the Bob strollers; they had a 20% off coupon in last Sunday's paper.

A good reference site:

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