Need a Stroller for a 5 Year Old - Any Suggestions

Updated on April 30, 2013
L.M. asks from Smithtown, NY
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My 5 year old son has low muscle tone. He has difficulty walking and tires easily. He is getting too old and too heavy to carry and he can't walk more than a few feet without tiring. The stroller we have - which is the stroller we have had sine he was an infant is getting too small. I have looked online and googled "stroller for a 5 year old". Most of results I find are other people asking the same question and a lot of the responses are more comments on how a 5 year old shouldn't be in a stroller. Not helping!!!!!

Anyone have suggestions of a brand they are familiar with which makes a stroller larger than usual that can accommodate a child larger than40 lbs????

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So What Happened?

@ "bug" - could you find out what brand the stroller is that your friend has.
@"momma11" - they do exist but its just like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I have to read each one to see the height and weight requirements. I have seen some with the right size but they just didn't look like they were of good quality.
@ "bookworm on". I checked out the BOB website and did see a few w/a 50lb limit but the height wasn't enough. My son is 42" and the height max was 44". My search continues! LOL!
@ "Katrina". I too have a graco and love it. I can feel the difficulty when I push it as he's getting older. I think he is already outside the weight requirements - yikes!!!!
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR INPUT - keep it coming its been very helpful!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Look into Baby Jogger models. The City Mini GT Single stroller has a maximum weight of 65 lbs. It doesn't list a maximum height on the website, but I'd guess it's more than 42" with such a high weight limit.

The City Elite has a 75 lb weight limit:

The Summit, which is a high performance jogger, also has a 75 lb limit:

The F.I.T. also has 75 lb limit:

I own a City Micro Double stroller and I'm really happy with it. I know a few other City Mini owners who are really happy with them. It's a good brand, easy to fold up and it fits pretty well in the trunk of most cars (I had no problem getting the double in my Accord). I highly recommend looking into the brand.

Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

I also thought immediately of one specifically made for an older child with disabilities. I would think a doctor or physical or occupational therapist could recommend one.

Or try a jogging stroller with BIG wheels. My kids are on the big side (always in the 95th percentile) and I found that it just got hard to push them even in the bigger stroller from the stroller system that had bigger wheels than my umbrella type stroller.

Look to see for one that he can easily get in and out of, too, for going to places like museums or zoos since he CAN walk a bit and will want to see things up close in cases like that.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Maclaren makes a line of "special needs" strollers for bigger kids. They are a little pricey so ask your health care provider for a prescription and call Maclarens 800 number as a starting point. They are a very helpful company. Good luck on your search.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I found lots of styles and brands when I googled stroller for larger child with disabilities. It brought up all sorts of companies that serve children and adults with physical disabilities.

Often inserting the word disabilities in the question will bring up totally different companies.

I will post a few here for those others who might be facing the same issue.

Weight capacity 90lbs

Up to 110lbs

Up to 110lbs and under 48", jogging stroller

Up to 150lbs and has 3 choices to fit your needs and sizes.

Up to 90lbs and looks like a traditional stroller.

Also, if you have a disability letter from the doc you might be able to make your insurance company pay for this, calling it a transportation device instead of a stroller could be the key. They wouldn't consider a stroller as a needed tool but a wheelchair/transportation device might be covered if the doc and the PT can get the wording right.

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answers from Dallas on

Jogging strollers can often hold more weight. I wonder if you couldn't look at special needs strollers? I have a friend whose son is autistic and has other physical handicaps. He is 8. She has a special needs stroller, that accommodates a high weight. It looks just like a typical stroller, but has functions for bigger kids. I don't know how costly they are.

Has our son received therapy for his low tone? I don't ask that in a judgmental way, but out of curiosity.

**Oh! I think she received it low cost through her local Children's hospital. Call, and see if they have programs like that!

** Another thought, you could ask for a prescription for a special needs stroller. Insurance might cover it.

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answers from San Diego on

Gracco has a stroller that goes up to 50 lbs listed on their website. We have always had great luck with Gracco strollers with our kids. Ours "run big", as in far bigger than their age. My 3 year old is the height and weight of an average 5 year old. She can't go without a stroller on super long days. She still fits really well in her stroller.
I would take a look around and have him sit on ones to see if he fits comfortably.
Instead of using his age for searching, try typing in his weight instead. You may have a better time finding what you need.
If he has medical issues you may be able to get a special stroller to accommodate him longer that may be covered by insurance possibly. Maybe talk to his doctor to see if you can qualify for something like that.

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answers from Seattle on

Don't listen to those that say they don't make strollers for older children because yes they do. Typically they're either jogging strollers or a specialty stroller. I would definitely recommend going with a jogging stroller, no worries about using it for that purpose but rather they are generally lighter and easy enough to push and maneuver to accommodate a larger child. I still have a Graco Quattro that I use with my youngest(6)when needed. My child is less than 40lbs so it still works for us.

Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We actually use a Burley bike trailer that you can convert to a stroller. It's the only thing that works for my boys as they have out grown anything I had for them.

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answers from Miami on

Check out strollers for special needs children. If he is involved with a Physical Therapist, ask your pediatrician for a script for the stroller and your insurance MAY offset some of the cost. If he isn't already in PT, then get a referral!

I would suggest going to one of the big box stores (like Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby or TRU) and giving them a test run around the store. I say this for several reasons...
- weight limits and height limits may not apply to your child specifically. Let him sit in a few and see what is comfortable.
- Push him around IN the stroller. Some strollers are HEAVY and then adding a 40 pound child will make them a nightmare for you!
- Consider a sit-and-stand. That will give him the flexibility when you are out to get in and out of the stroller depending on what you are you doing. We have one and LOVE it (we have two kids). My son is also 5 and likes being able to sit when he's tired and walk with us when he's not.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We have jeep jogging stroller that my son fits in well and he is almost 7. He is very tall for his age!! We go to places like Disney and Universal studios several times a year and the stroller just makes it easier to get around the parks without having to drag a child by the hand or carry a 50# kid that is exhausted form walking all day! Do I think it looks bad to see a child that old in a stroller...yes but it's when you see them crammed into an umbrella stroller made for a toddler!! I've never paid attention to weight limits and my stroller still seems pretty sturdy for my son.

Here is one similar to mine except my front wheel can be free (full swivel)

Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

The MacClaren Volo goes up to 55 lbs. I don't know your son's weight, but you can find this one online often on a sale (eBay or Craigslist-- we found one new for 1/2 price). This might be a good short term option until you find something which would suit.

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answers from Atlanta on

some baby joggers have weight liimits of 65. The upper end maclaren has a 65 lb weight limit.



answers from Dallas on

It sounds like you may need to move to a wheelchair. They don't make strollers for 5 yr. olds - that's why you can't find any. Your son needs something that will fit his needs and fit him.

Good luck!


answers from Milwaukee on

If you son has special needs there is no reason to not get a special needs stroller. I think it's ridiculous how expensive they are, however, your going to get much longer out of it than meeting the high end sizing of a regular stroller. Plus, they don't look much different than a regular stroller.



answers from Austin on

I agree with working with your pediatrician/physical therapist on getting a script for one....

One of the students I work with (special needs) has a Scout, and it is wonderful! Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive...... here's a link, in case it may lead you to find other strollers for special needs

What about a jogging stroller? Would one of those work? (I don't know weight limits/specifications, sorry)

Here's a link to a jogging stroller with a 75 lb weight limit...



answers from New York on

Well, I know my BOB stroller can handle a five year old, but if he's tall the cover might make his head uncomfortable. Maybe test one in a store?



answers from Washington DC on

check out, they have strollers for older children and although can be pricey you know your getting good quality-If your child has a medical need you can also have the insurance cover alot of the cost



answers from Sacramento on

I agree with the others who mention looking into strollers for kids with disabilities. They make them for bigger kids who can't get around on their own.

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