When Is Too Old for a Stroller

Updated on April 13, 2008
S.G. asks from Knoxville, TN
6 answers

I have one of those all in one stroller which is bulky and a pain. I have been looking at jogging strollers and all terain strollers...my son is 16 months old and transitioning to walking all the time and he like to push the stroller instead of riding in it...is it a good idea to buy a new stroller or just deal with the one that I have if it is not going to be too much longer and we will no longer need a stroller

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answers from Lexington on

when my daughter was three we bought a mclaren quest stroller. i know that it is pretty expansive, but it was the best investment. my daughter is now five, and she still uses a stroller when we are doing a lot of walking. the mall, the zoo, any place like that she wants to ride. she is still not to heavy or tall for it and the best part about it is how small it folds. it is almost as small as an umbrella stroller, but when it is unfolded, it is tall so that you dont get a back ache pushing it. most kids will need a stroller until they are too big to fit in one.



answers from Johnson City on

When we were adopting out first son my sister had me to get an umbrella stroller. At the time I thought she was crazy because I had the travel system. The umbrella stroller has been thousands of miles and been used tons more than the larger one. It's a little different than the traditional fold- up umbrella stroller. It has a basket under for a bag and a cup holder like a bigger stroller, but still small and light weight and takes up much less room in the car. I love it and it's been great. My oldest rode in it until around 3 from time to time and now the baby is 18 mos. and we are still riding.



answers from Raleigh on

Our oldest is 3 and he still likes to ride in the stroller when we go for a long walks. He would walk/ride his bike half way, but on the way back he gets tierd and wants to ride in the stroller. I think you still have a way to go with stroller riding. After kids just learn to walk they want to do it all the time, but after walking "gets old":) they want to ride again. It happened to us(and I know many friends who experienced the same thing). Gosh, we have 5 godchildren and even 10,8 and 6 year old still want to ride when we do long walks(and we do lots of those).I am a stroller freak ,so I have many strollers , but if you want to have just one that will serve many needs (like mall or trail and be compact at the same time) you can look into some jogging strollers that are "city" with swivel front wheel.There many chioces nowdays, but you can trully find one that has it all.



answers from Louisville on

DA! when there TOO BIG to get in it. Or maybe they make bigger ones for her need. My daugher was walking by that age and my son was sliding down a sliding board at 10 months old with no problem.Not being arrogant or anyhing,but put kids on the floor and let them deside what they want to do-bruises and all.That's a part of their learning! It seems today that parents are so paranoid.You have to go to classes and classes ad nauseum to learn to be a politically correct parent today.Let the blasted government STAY out of our lives.They are trying to control everybody. That's all. S. L. Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

I personally would switch to a cheap umbrella stroller. I don't know what they cost now but I paid like $10 for one at Sears a few years back and that thing was wonderful, lasted through my 2 children and various little friends that i've kept over the years. Best $10 I ever spent!



answers from Charlotte on

In our experience most kids are ready to be stroller free between 3-4. We have a Peg Perego Pliko P3 and LOVE it, it's super light, folds up like an umbrella and opens so easy. You could probably find a great used one on something like craigslist - they're almost impossible to destroy!

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