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Updated on March 14, 2009
B.B. asks from The Colony, TX
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I just found out we're pregnant with #2!! My son will be almost 2 1/2 by the time the little one is born, and I was wondering which kind of stroller works best for you? I've looked at the sit'n'stand strollers, and I'm just not sure he'll do well with that. He's so active and doesn't like to be still, so I'm concerned he won't be contained enough, but I also don't want him to be cramped in the regular style double stroller. What are the pros/cons of the different types of double strollers? Thanks!

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My three youngest are all 2 years apart. I have a sit-n-stand made by Joovy. I love it!! I too was a little bit worried about my 2 year old not being contained enough but it does have a seat belt and we made a really big deal about being "big" enough to ride on the back. The front seat does not recline enough for an infant but it has an attachment for the carseat. This one is not as long as some of the others I tried and the handle is higher which is more comfortable. Downside is there is not a cup holder for the second child or mom. Good Luck!

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I have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old, and have had 2 double strollers now. The first was a Graco Quattro Duo. I just sold it on craigslist. While comfy, the thing weighed close to 50 lbs, and wouldn't fit in hubby's VW Jetta. Not so good for running errands when you have to lift 50 lbs in and out. I replaced it with a Maclaren Twin Triumph from The Right Start in the shops at legacy (Take your two year old for a test drive). I love my Maclaren! It is 21 lbs and doesn't take up nearly as much room. It is a side by side and the kids interact with one another. Downside, no cup holders. You can't put an infant in the twin triumph because it doesn't fully recline, but they do make one that is $100 more that does. The side by sides are much easier to drive. Good luck in your stroller quest!


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My first and second child were 2 years and 4 months apart, and I loved my MacLaren twin traveler. It probably has a new name by now, but it's a side-by-side double. Both seats recline fully, have independent sun shades and can hold up to 45 lbs each. It's expensive, but since my first refused to walk anywhere when the 2nd was born, I would have practically been housebound without that stroller. I travelled frequently with the kids (without my husband), and the stroller handled airports, taxis and cranky kids beautifully. We did Sea World and the State Fair with that stroller when they were 2 and 4 years old. My kids are big, so the high weight limit and easy steering were really essential for me.

Try to borrow a few kinds to test drive before you buy. Moms at playgrounds are often happy to talk about their strollers, and let you drive it around a bit. It's important to get kids sitting in it when you test drive it. Remember that adding 50 lbs of kid makes a BIG difference in how the stroller handles, and that's not including all the gear you schlepp when you're at the zoo with a toddler and a baby!

Good luck, and happy shopping.
SAHM of 3

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