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Updated on April 03, 2011
C.L. asks from Jobstown, NJ
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We are going to Disney soon. I have a 4yr and a 1 1/2yr old that will be with us. My question is what kind of stroller do you suggest. I already own a sit and stand, however, we took that last time when my 4yr old was 2. the "sit" part doesn't recline enough for a child to take a decent nap and the stand part has no shade or support for my child to relax.

i was thinking of getting a double stroller but then i don't know what kind to get......front/back or side by side,,,,,umbrella or jogging. the other issue is i hardly use a stroller at this point and when i do its just an umbrella one for my youngest son.

Please help!


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So What Happened?

thank you for all the great feedback. never thought of taking two strollers since my parents will also be with us! i actually think thats the route i will take. i def don't want to rent in the parks...i think they are too expensive and i would need something for airport and downtown disney, etc.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The rental strollers at Disney are the best IMO. And you don't have to worry about getting them on/off transportation. And when my son was 5 he even used it b/c his feet got tired and the double is big enough for 2. Take a little umbrella stroller for the airline and for at the hotel if you need it.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Do a jogging stroller for the older kid. It will be easier to navigate. Go to a consignment shop to buy one. You could probably get a good deal and one that is halfway decent looking.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Rent one there. They are AWESOME and takes no effort to push them!

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answers from Boston on

It might be cheaper (depending how long you are going) to just rent a stroller there. I cannot imagine paying for a new double stroller just for just tis vacation. You could also check on craigslist.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I would go the way of renting when down there. That is what I am planning on doing :)

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answers from Raleigh on

I would get a lightweight double. Personally, I hate side to side, but they really don't make any lightweight doubles that are front/back. You could also contact a stroller rental company down at Disney to see what it would cost to rent for a week. It may make more sense then lugging a stroller down from NJ. Just don't rent at the park since they charge a fortune! We go down in May, so I know your excitement! Have fun!

P.S. I just googled "stroller rental orlando" and a bazillion sites came up. They even deliver to your hotel which would be a help too!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I can see that you already said you're not going to rent one there and that's good. I just want to say that I can't believe so many people are recommending the Disney strollers.

I've been to Disney a million times but this January was the first time we've ever went with kids. We had a 7 month old and a 17 month old with us and rented a double stroller at the Magic Kingdom (I'm not sure of the price because my cousin works for Disney and got us one for free).

The Disney stroller was horrible! It does not recline, so there was no way for a kid to take a nap in it. It was all plastic including the seat so there wasn't even any padding in it. The safety strap was only a waist belt and didn't even go between the legs! My 7 month old nephew couldn't stay sitting up in it (he kept flopping over to one side) and my poor sister and bil had to carry him around the park. I kept my 17mo in an Ergo baby carrier (this was the BEST option, worked great!). We got stuck pushing that stroller all around the park...but at least we used it to hold our diaper bags.

It is big, though, so for children who are maybe 2yo or older that can hold themselves in well and get tired walking...this will work...but they won't be able to nap in it.



answers from Philadelphia on

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but the strollers that Disney provides are very nice, shaded and reclined so the child can rest. I think they have doubles, if not, perhaps another grown up can help push a second stroller.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would check your local consignment store for something with a decent price. Check for something that folds quickly. Also if you decide to just bring an umbrella stroller with an awning. The Disney strollers are incredible. Its like pushing nothing. The last time we were there my children were 2 1/2 yrs, 4 1/2 yrs and 8 1/2 yrs. I made my 8 1/2 yr get in the Disney stroller. I could not even tell he was in there no effort at all to push him in the stroller. I just wanted to see how diffucult it would ..he doesnt ride in a stroller.



answers from Chicago on

We went last year when my girls were 5 and 2. We took 2 umbrella strollers (the nicer sturdier kind with a basket and sunshade). My husband and I each pushed one and it was easy to get around through crowds, etc. It was also easy to jump on the tram and quickly fold the strollers. I would not want to push a double stroller through Disney. I thought the rentals were expensive, and I liked having my own strollers for the parking lot and airport too. The strollers I bought were about $40 at Walmart and were the "Jeep" brand. They worked out great! (my 2 year old napped in it)



answers from Pittsburgh on

The last time we went we had a 4 year old, a 7 year old and a 10 year old. We rented them from the Disney Parks. If you do a hopper ticket you can take your receipt to the new park and not have to pay again. Just take a brightly colored scarf to tie around your handle so you can easily find yours after you exit a ride. The parks are big and hot and they would both have shade this way. I would also suggest carrying a backpack with water and snacks and some small toys to play with during the wait for the rides. Food is expensive and sometimes the lines for food and rides are really long. It is def. worth the trip--just plan ahead. I would suggest you getting a copy of the "Unofficial" Guide to Disney as it has GREAT tips for making your vacation the best it can be.



answers from Washington DC on

If you go to Downtown DIsney, go in the late afternoon *after 4p) or evening. We went mid day, in June. It was HOT and half of the places were closed.




answers from Scranton on

Depending upon how you are going down to FL. Consider renting a stroller or strollers instead. It's a huge hassle to be loading and unloading a stoller, not to mention it takes up a lot of space. We did this a few years ago and I am so happy that I did! You have to pack a lot of extras when you take young children so leave the strollers behind if you can!



answers from Philadelphia on

You could consider renting one of their strollers. We haven't used them, but they look pretty nice. There are also companies that rent strollers in the disney area.

The allears site covers all things Disney and has never let us down. Here is a link to their stroller page and who they recommend for renting (if you don't want to rent at Disney) Good luck and enjoy your trip.



answers from Philadelphia on

Tandems (one behind the other) can fit through doorways better. Find the kinds that have the back sit sitting higher than the front so they both can see well. You don't want a child standing all day long. Think about the features you want like cup holders for each child and the adult, large capacity underneath for bags, good size canopies, etc.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets



answers from Allentown on

We just got back from Disney with a 3 and 5 yo. I rented a city mini double stroller from baby's best friend in Orlando. They have free delivery and pick up and the strollers were great. Full canopy coverage, recline for sleeping, and so easy to maneuver. I also own one, but didn't want to drag it along, so rented it, but if you are looking to purchase you can buy it and take it along. I think it is the best double stroller out there and still use it with my kids, I bought it about 3 years ago after having my son. Anyway, the double stroller was great to have at disney but I would not recommend renting from disney their strollers did not look good at all.

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