Seeking Recommendations for a Jogging Stroller

Updated on July 17, 2009
K.M. asks from Chagrin Falls, OH
5 answers

Hi Moms:
My husband and his running group want to buy a jogging stroller for one of their running buddies whose wife is expecting their first baby in August. Any recommendations or advice?

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answers from Dayton on

I would highly reccomend going to That's who I purchased my schwin jogging stroller through. They have pretty much every stroller you can imagine and are very informative and helpful. And they will price match if you find one they have that's cheaper from another site. I actually wrote them with some questions and to get some suggestions before I bought mine and they wrote back very quickly and helped alot. There are alot of reviews and info and what kind of stroller is best for each person. Hope you guys find a good one. Good luck!
G. Miller



answers from Lafayette on

You'll want one with at least 16" wheels for serious running. I've heard the BOB Ironman is excellent. There is a book, Baby Bargains, that does a pretty good job at reviewing all the stroller brands.



answers from Cleveland on

Love the BOB Revolution - option to have the front wheel swivel or fixed; lightweight and easy to fold; I also take it everywhere, and the rear wheels pop off easily if you need to fold it down more.

I have the weather shield and it was GREAT for going out in winter - baby was completely shielded from wind and stayed toasty warm. I even took it out in the rain without a worry.



answers from Columbus on

Hi there! we have thebaby trend jogger and have been pretty happy with it. the nice part is that when our son was just born his infant seat locked right into the jogger and now that he's older he sits in the jogger like a big boy! :)
also, it has a front wheel that can pivot for easy turns or can lock in place when on straight path. let me know if you have any other questions about it!



answers from Columbus on

Hi K. - I purchased the B.O.B. Revolution and love it. We bought it for my second child. I had a hand-me-down for my first child and we gave that away. We actually used the BOB for more than just jogging. I took it to the mall, my son's soccer games, etc. It is fairly light weight and very manueverable. I'd also suggest buying an accessory - a little cupholder with a zip pocket - good for water bottles and keys. They also sell rain covers, etc. Good luck!

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