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Updated on January 25, 2009
S.E. asks from Houston, TX
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Hi moms...I have a three-year-old son (adopted) whose biological sibling (2-months-old) will soon be joining our family (hip hip...hooray!!!). My question is...with a three-year-old and an infant, what kind of stroller do I need? Looking at the double strollers where one seat is in front of the other, it seems that pretty soon my three-year-old's legs would outgrow the stroller and he'd be uncomfortable, while the baby would be fine in it for a couple more years or so. I'd like to have both of them riding together, you know, if we're in a crowded place (i.e. the zoo), and I'd like for my three-year-old to have a comfortable ride as well. Any ideas? Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks moms! I was in Target today and tried out the Baby Trend Sit & Stand stroller (w/o baby, of course), but my three-year-old loved it! He liked being able to CHOOSE to either sit or stand. The undercarriage basket seems a little hard to get to, but I can forgive that because I love the stroller so much. It's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and even a bit stylish. I can't believe I hadn't seen one of these before! Thanks for your advice =)

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I don't have any advice on the strollers but I just couldn't help but send a little congratulations to you and your growing family!!!! What a beautiful thing!!


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We have a stroller with a little seat in the back. It is great because it is for bigger kids (like your 3 year old) who usually like to walk around (ie, the zoo) but just need a place to sit and rest occasionally. Also, he can stand up if he wants to. My son loved it and still fits on it (he is now 4, but is the size of a 6 year old). My youngest is 2 now and can still fit in the front comfortably. It is the fischer price model and we purchased it at babies r us 2 years ago when my youngest was born. Oh, it also folds up really easily and fits in the back of our tiny Ford Escape.

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i have a 4 1/2 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old. when the little one was born i got the Graco Duoglider and am still using it b/c my older one goes to pre-k a mile from our house. she can still ride in either front or back and she is very tall (44"). her legs hang down a little past the footrest, but it's not uncomfortable for her to put them up on it. i just have both the trays taken off so they have more room to move around. the only thing is it's getting hard to push b/c my 4 yr old is 42lbs and my 2 yr old is about 28lbs and their weight together is the weight limit for the stroller (70lbs)



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I have the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Plus. It has a platform seat in the back (as opposed to a regular seat) so that they can get on and off of the stroller easy, but still have a place to sit. There is also a little step they can stand on to ride. The model that I got also has a full second seat that you can install in place of the "jump seat" if you wanted a more traditional double stroller. An infant seat can be snapped into the front seat as well until the baby is old enough to ride in the seat without it. Here is a link to the stroller I have: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5621...

This picture shows it with the second seat installed in the back, but you can take that seat out and have just the platform seat if you want. You can try to google the name of the stroller and you may be able to find some other pictures that show it without the other seat in it.

We love ours! My daughter just turned 3 and I have an 8 month old and it has worked out great for us. It's perfect for the zoo, the mall, etc. I have smaller, lightweight stroller to use for the baby when we're going somewhere that my daughter can walk without getting tired.

Congrats on your new additions! Sounds like a beautiful family and you are an angel for adopting babies that need a loving home.



answers from Sherman on

I have a combi side by side and my kids ride very comfortably. (almost 4 and 2 1/2). Check them out on ebay for a better price.



answers from Killeen on

At 3 years old, your son should be doing a lot more walking on his own. However at his age, fatigue does set in,if you plan on doing anything that will take a long time. SO, I suggest the sit-and-stand strollers that offer a seat for older sibs to sit in that is between you and the main stroller area. It's similar to a jumpseat idea and is really meant to give older children a resting area for when he grows tired keeping up with mom. I have included some websites so you can see what I am talking about...




I hope this helps...The idea is that your son will feel as though he has a lot more freedom to choose at his much older age... Good Luck ;-)

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