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Updated on March 21, 2008
B.P. asks from Alvin, TX
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I am looking for a light weight, very sturdy triple stoller. We just received a new born baby boy (foster care). I also have a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old. My double stroller is a very heavy weight, large stroller. I love the sturdiness of it, esp for getting down our 300' crushed concrete driveway. It is excellent for these back country roads. You can almost 4 wheel with it. BUT I can't imagine the weight of a triple stoller like this one. So, I need a triple that will hold up to lots of use but is light weight. Any suggestions?

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answers from Waco on

I have a triple stoller in my attic. It needs to be cleaned up a little. It is a Peg Preggo. One of the canopies is broke but two of them work. If you would like more information you can email me at [email protected] I brought home twin boys with a 17 month old at home. It folds down and is light weight.
Good Luck

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answers from Houston on

A friend of mine has a very good quad stroller that she is selling. (She has two sets of twins.) If you are interested in it, let me know and I'll put you in contact w/ her.




answers from Longview on

Hey have you thought of using a baby carrier. I had one for the front that was so wonderful. I could put my some facing me, close to my chest and just walk away. I realize that you have two to push, but I thought that maybe a foster child would need that closeness because he is away from his mother and even newborns know the difference. Also I graduated when my son became about 18lbs to a backpack. I think the front carrier was so awesome though, because when they are little you hardly know they are there (up to about 18lbs) and you walking lulls them to sleep, gives them security, and you can see them the whole time also. PS, I think its wonderful that you have a newborn foster child on top of all of your other children. How do you do it??? Gods blessings and I will keep you in my prayers.



answers from Austin on

the last time i was at once upon a child at anderson mill & 183 they had one out front. might check and see if they still have it.



answers from Houston on

I have a stroller I'm selling on craigslist. If you just want it for walks and such it is a great stroller. I really wanted one for going to doc. office and around---not so great for that cuz it is long and too bulky for the car. Anyway I'm down hwy 6 in Missouri City if interested.



answers from College Station on

Hi there!
My sister in law had Quintuplets (yes, that's FIVE) and they used a double and a triple when they went on outings. The interesting thing it they found the triple was MUCH easier to steer and navigate and even the same weight (not any bulkier)! I guess they have to engineer a triple differently and they just found the triplet MUCH easier than the twin so there's hope that it won't be more of a pain!!!! Good luck!



answers from Houston on

Go the Right Start store. If they don't have any stores near you, call the store.



answers from Houston on

I saw one at Little Bo-Tique, the consignment shop on Nasa Rd. last weekend.



answers from Houston on

try looking on craigs list in your area. that is where i found my double one for cheap. good luck hunting. they are hard to find.

D. Mattern-Muck
The MOM Team
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answers from Dallas on

Go to Craig's List and see if you can locate a triple stroller. Or perhaps check with your local Chamber of Commerce/hospital for a multiple births group. MBGs are good about passing along stuff.

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