"Pretend" Sleepover Birthday Party

Updated on August 06, 2010
S.F. asks from Madison, WI
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My daughter is turning 7 next month and wanted to have a sleepover. I was thinking this age may still be a little young and parents might not be comfortable with their daughters spending the night yet. So I was thinking she could have a "pretend" sleepover. Have 4 or 5 friends over. Ask them to bring pj's and a sleeping bag. Have a party from maybe 5:30-9:00pm. I'd order pizza, have cake. Then they could do a craft, play and towards the end watch a movie in their pj's and sleeping bags and have popcorn. Has anybody ever done this? Did it work out well? Any suggestions on activities? Thanks!!

Added- I do know a couple of the families very well, but some would be classmates from school where I don't really know the parents all too well. My daughter has had a couple of sleepovers at friends houses, but those were with families we know well. So I was just a little apprehensive inviting kids for a sleepover from families we don't know well. Maybe their parents wouldn't want them to come.

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answers from Las Vegas on

My suggestion is you don't call it a sleepover. You can call it a sleepingbag party and place a message in the invite that says join us for movies, popcorn & fun...party from 5:30 - 9 p.m. Sounds like fun!

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answers from Raleigh on

What a fun idea! I do agree with some of the other moms and wonder how well you know those other girls and could a sleep over be possible? My 4 year old son has them with friends, so I would hope that they maybe could too!

I also wanted to comment on the first mom who said her kids will never sleep anywhere without her in this day in age...why? There were just as many perverts, pedophiles, and weird families 20 years ago, you just didn't know about them (the media couldn't talk about it, no one was required to be on a sex registry, etc.). Teaching your children to live in fear is no way to live at all! As long as you know and trust the other parents, hope and pray that everything will be fine...anyways...off my soapbox!

If you decide to not do the sleep-over, I think the girls will still have a good time (because it really is a sweet idea), but talk to the other parents and see how they feel because they would probably feel much more "grown up" if they were given the option of staying! Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

I dont understand why not an actual sleepover, if you know the kids and parents, it shouldnt be that big a deal. Your idea is cool, though, if you dont want to do the actual sleepover thing.

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answers from Dallas on

I personally would have the sleepover. You know most of the parents and for the ones you don't know, let them decide if they are comfortable with their child spending the night, if not then they can pick them up at 9:00pm. I guess Im more laxed when it comes to friends and parents. My daughter attended a party during the day. I met the parents, grandma etc when it was time to pick up my daughter and another girl ,they were asked to spend the night and we let them. I had just met the parents, but very nice people, you know in your gut if you think they are weirdos! And at that age, thye are so busy playing all night you bareley see the kids!
I do like your idea though if you decide against the sleepover. Good luck in whatever you decide. My 9 year old just had a sleepover and they went to bed at 3:00am to 5:00am.....Yawn.........................



answers from Chicago on

My daughter is going to one of these next Friday and it sounds fun to me. I do not let my kids spend the night at a friends until they are 8 or 9 depends on the kid. (I have 5) Have a good time.



answers from Honolulu on

My daughter is 7. This summer, she asked if she could have a sleep-over with her best friends. I ALSO know their Moms very well....
So I did have a sleep-over for her, at our home.
It was fine. They had a blast.
These were with 4 girls, that is her best friends... and I know their families well and they know us well.
It was no problem.

But your idea sounds like fun.

all the best,



answers from Sacramento on

This sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!!! I say go for it :-)



answers from Hickory on

That sounds like a great idea. Kinda like a PJ party. I really love the idea. I for one am a parent that does not let me children go stay the night with out me there. It is sad really. I remember going and spending nights with friends but as a parent you have to realize that things have changed in our world. I remember doing makeup at the sleepovers. I hope the party goes well.



answers from Hartford on

My son wants to do this too. I figured I would invite them to sleepover or pick up at 9pm if the kids preferred. That way they have the option. My son slept over his friends house for the 1st time at 6. We did get a midnight call, but it was just so he could say good night, again.


answers from Dallas on

Just a suggestion if you decide not to the sleepover.... My sister is going to do a "Pancake and Pajama" party for her little one. The kids will make the pancakes, that could be your craft, as well as wear their pj's. Then ya'll could watch a movie and their parent's could pick them up at the designated time. Not that I don't think your idea is great, just thought this might help. I hope your birthday girl has fun!!


answers from Redding on

Have you asked some of the other parents how they feel? Maybe they'd be comfortable with it. If not, this sounds like a great alternative solution. At only 15 months, my daughter's too young for me to give any experienced advice :)


answers from Detroit on

We just hosted a sleepover with my five yr old son and five of his friends...all 5 and one three yr old friend. Of course we parents all know one another really well. Two of the boys had never stayed away from home and I think the moms were more worried than the kids were. All the boys did great and had so much fun playing all day that they conked out fairly "early" and slept soundly through the night. This isn't even our first sleep over..we'be hosted a couple dozen already and our son has gone to others homes too. This isn't to say that I'm lax in my parenting style or let him stay any old place. He has one friend who has an older brother with "anger issues" according to the mom...he will likely not ever be staying the night over there because if she has to run to the store/pick up one of her other kids/etc she's already said she leaves the smaller ones in the care of the older ones. So anytime she offers to have my son come stay over I usually just politely decline and say he already has a prior commitment. It really just depends on the child and parents. I agree that this is a good alternative..but as one poster suggested...give the parents the option and you might be surprised that they would be willing to let their girls stay. Hope she enjoys her party either way...this is the stuff childhood memories are MADE of.



answers from Fort Collins on

7 should be old enough for first sleepover if you know the family.My daughter is going to have a first sleepover in a week at 7 year old and she is very excited.But i do know the family since the beginning of the school year and she has had playdates with those same girls a few time this school year.I am comfortable with her sleeping over there although i do not know all the girls.But like i said i do know the mom and dad organizing the sleepover (this is not their first organised sleepover and i never heard other parents complained about those sleepover so i think she'll be ok and that i can trust them.
Good luck.and have fun.



answers from Philadelphia on

It sounds adorable. I love the idea. My oldest is 10 1/2 yr and has tons of sleep overs. We started when he was in second grade. My 6 yr is having his very first sleep over this Sunday night just with one friend. He is very excited.
I think it depends on the kids maturity..how far their houses are in case they get homesick.
Last summer my oldest decided to have his friend sleep over and obviously it was ok with the boys parents whom we are friends with. I also already sent out an invitation for a sleep over birthday party. The boys came in my room in the middle of night we called the dad and he said "oh he thought this was going to happen" I was a bit annoyed. I have two younger kids that use a nebulizer on a fairly regular basis in the middle of the night ..so I am exhausted. The kid already received our birthday invitation and did the same thing. This kid is invited over quite often for playdates but I don't see myself inviting him over to sleep at our house unless I know for a 100% he would be sleeping thru the night. I think it was inconsiderate since they know going into it that there son probalby would NOT be sleeping but waking up.
I have lots of birthday games..if you still need them let me know I will email you tomorrow with game ideas.

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