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Updated on December 18, 2012
L.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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So my daughter, who is 7 (and my oldest) is dying to have a sleepover with her BFF. I am not ready to have her sleep at someone's house yet, nor is her BFFs mom.

So I've come up with a compromise. Her friend can come over for a late playdate that will end around 9ish (the time both girls turn into pumpkins).

My plan is to have them make their own mini pizzas and maybe have a movie on hand with popcorn or ice cream sundae stuff. While the girls will have no trouble entertaining themselves all night, I wanted to plan something a little different or special, to set this "faux sleepover" playdate apart from the regular after school ones.

They will get in their PJs, robes, slippers etc, but outside of that my creativity is lost. Please help with ideas!

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answers from Miami on

A little tent set up in the lving room with sleeping bags that they can stick their heads out and watch the movie .

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answers from Boise on

At 7 they are more then ready for a real sleepover...

But that sounds like a lot of fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

i think that sounds great!

coolest thing ever- during christmas break each year, my son's preschool would do this. they would do it from 6-9, and it allowed parents to do some christmas shopping, or just have a date night. it was AWESOME!! the kids wore pj's and brought a pillow and a stuffed animal, they did flashlight games and watched a movie and had a snack. the night will go super fast - don't try to cram too many activities in. have a blast- what a great idea!!

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answers from Sacramento on

I think what you have planned is more than enough. If you plan to many activities they will come to expect to be entertained every sleepover--not realistic. Making pizzas, sundaes or cookie decorating, a movie..that's enough. Maybe a mani-pedi? Other than that, give them time to play and use their imaginations.

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answers from San Francisco on

They are only seven, if you are going so far as PJ.s, robes and slippers and you know the other family well, let them spend the night. Set a bed time no later then 11.....I'll bet they fall asleep much earlier.

If it works out, then your daughter can try it at her friends house. If that works out you can add a third child. etc.etc.

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answers from Columbus on

We call those a sleepunder and we do everything you'd do on a sleepover except it ends before bed. What you have planned will be plenty, but you could throw in a spa theme -- little facials and painted toe nails, if her parents are okay with it.

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answers from San Francisco on

Ditto Renee M, let them just PLAY and use their own imaginations, everything doesn't need to be planned (micromanaged) by mom!

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answers from Sacramento on

I think what you're planning is plenty. The girls will find plenty to entertain themselves. If not you can always paint nails and toes :)
BTW, this faux sleep over before a "real" one has worked wonderfully for us. My daughter just started having sleep overs this year and she's almost 9.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm with you on the no sleep over part yet.
What you have planned sounds great.
I like what another poster said about putting up a tent in the living room &
having them stick their heads out to watch a movie.
Your "menu" (mini pizzas, popcorn, ice cream sundae stuff) sounds great.
Maybe add those little red & white popcorn holder bags.
Mini manicures might be fun (complete w/those little nail stickers). You
can buy fast drying nail polish as a topcoat.
You can even make those easy fleece blankets (they rip & tie the sides or

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answers from Chicago on

Sounds fun just as is!



answers from Chicago on

I just did a sleep-faux-ver last Friday with my 4 year old daughter and her preschool friends! We had colored/flavored cookie dough, so they got to create cookies (we did this right before ordering pizza so they would be ready once we finished eating) - also did the make-your-own sundaes. We did shrinky dink crafts too! I bought a package of clear shrinky dink paper, and then used my various large paper punches to cut out shapes and used a large hole punch at the top of each shape so when they shrank they could be turned into charms (they each got a ball-chain necklace to take home for their charms), and I made rectangle shapes with holes on both sides to make into a bracelet for them using embroidery floss. They decorated them with sharpies. I also took a picture with my phone of each girl and my daughter, printed them on white printable shrinky dink paper, and then baked them and turned them into charms as well. Near the end I turned on a movie and let them eat popcorn (so I could assemble their charms) and each girl got to take a mini cereal box home with a pink plastic spoon attached to it. They also played freeze dance for a while when I was getting the craft ready - they had a blast!!! None of the girls wanted to leave at the end of the night :) Have fun!!!



answers from Kansas City on

Perfect! I agree--no sleepovers. My mom never let us sleep over at friends' houses and I am doing the same with my kids:) I love your idea!!



answers from Chicago on

I'm lost. Call me square, but what is a BFF? I am sure it isn't what I am thinking.

My son has had his cousins come over for a late nighter(they ended up not feeling comfortable away from home, so Mom picked up the Pumpkins). I had dinner and popcorn and a movie. I had a huge pitcher of Gatorade in the fridge made up, and fresh fruit out. I had fruit snacks in the newspaper taxi cookie jar. I had the laptop set up with Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, and other age-appropriate games. The key is also for you to not be as visible(cause like, we're squaresville!).
How about getting one of those cheap nail kits? Help them with a Mom approved mani/pedi with nail decals, then hide once it's dry.
Make sure things are set up, then beat a hasty retreat where you can hear but not see. It also builds up confidence.

The boys played many video games(especially the HOG's[hidden object games]I had there for my son and I to play with), all age appropriate, all making you think. The laptop is NOT internet capable(as I unplugged the modem, and wireless was disabled in BIOS, and password-locked...I'm serious about monitoring my seven year old's usage to only when I approve).

They ended up crashing to the tunes of, "I ain't afraid of no GHOST!"

Hope they have fun.



answers from San Francisco on

Music and dancing

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