Ideas for Entertainment for Sleepover?

Updated on January 07, 2011
P.M. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My son will be turning 6 next week and we have lost our minds and decided he could have a sleepover with 6 friends! 2 of the kids are our neighbors and I know their behavior very well. The other 4 are from his class and I don't know their behavior much at all. SO, we are first having a party at Chuck E. Cheese at 2:30 on Saturday and then will come to the house where I will have a large bouncer waiting for them to play on. We thought this would help wear them down. Also, I will be making the cake and will try to limit all sugar for the kids yet still have tasty treats.

What ideas do you all have to help entertain them so that they don't get wild in the house? They will all be camping out in their sleeping bags in our game room and we have an Xbox 360 and a Wii they can play. I am planning on a movie but would appreciate other ideas as well.

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answers from Redding on

I have no idea, but wanted to laugh with you because my daughter turns 6 this month and I too lost my mind with agreeing to a sleepoever!!!

I am doing picture frame crafts, necklaces, and such for the girls, but I am clueless for a boy's party! Sorry I can't help!

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answers from Nashville on

How funny! You aren't alone!!! My daughter turns 7 next week and we are having a big bday party and sleepover as well. I've made hers on a Friday evening (after a nice long school day! lol). The kids will arrive at 6pm and we will have pizza and cupcakes. She is having a gaming party. The kids will be playing RockBand on the xbox 360 (with 2 guitars, mic, keyboard, full drum set, stage lights and fog machine), the Kinect on the 2nd xbox, and Wii as well. So.....gaming stations. I'm thinking the games alone will take up their time pretty good. Then, at 8:30pm, all the boys have to leave and all the little girls are going to have a sleepover (with a pick-up time of 9:30am stated on the invitation! lol). I got online at and ordered a kit where each girl can design her own spiral notebook. Everything comes included in the kit and it's all stickers and no messy glue or anything. LOL I also ordered the party favor for all the party guests.........24 inch inflatable electric guitars! They are so perfect (got them in the mail yesterday). The craft kit and the guitars were very cheap! If you're worried that the xbox and wii won't keep the boys' attention, then I suggest going online and looking at all they have to offer! There are tons of cool craft projects suitable for boys and girls! One really cool one was guitar sized cardboard guitars that the kids can decorate! Or design your own guitar picks. Just tons and tons of stuff! And very reasonable prices!! Good luck! I just keep reminding myself its only one night. We can all get through just one night, right!!! =0)



answers from Sacramento on

Scavenger hunt/treasure hunt type games. This will get them moving as they walk around the house looking for the mystery items.

If your room is big enough, could do races. For instance, balance bean bags on head and cross finish line, leg tied to another person's and race, etc.

Sounds like you have a pretty full day planned already. Bet they crash earlier than you think they will.


answers from Dallas on

Holy Cow mom! That's one great birthday. How are you gonna top that next year! lol You are setting the bar pretty high. Why not introduce them to our old favorites. Play some board games. Jenga. Cards. UNO is perfect with 6 yr olds beacuse they know colors and numbers.



answers from San Francisco on

Movie, have a fun sundae bar--they make their own etc., scharades (sp?), and the xbox/wii are all great things to do. GL!




answers from Austin on

Are you a good story teller or book reader?

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