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Sleepover Movie for 9 Year Olds

L. asks from Mobile

Hey All, That about says it all! We're pondering the option of a sleepover b'day party with pizza and a movie for our soon-to-be-nine-year-old daughter. What wou...


Movie Suggestions for 7 Year Old Girls Sleepover Party???

S.F. asks from Madison

My daughter will be turning 7. I'm looking for ideas of NON-ANIMATED movies I could show at her slumber party. What would be appropriate for girls of this age? She...


Movie Ideas for 10 Year Sleepover

K.H. asks from Boston

My daughter is having a slumber party for her 10th birthday and I am looking for ideas of movies to show. Any suggestions for movies that work well with a group or mo...


Seventh Birthday Party for a Girl

D. asks from Philadelphia

Hi I am looking for any ideas for a low budget birthday party for my daughter. She loves to do everything from princess parties to plating with dolls to playing spor...


4 Year Old Birthday Party

A.M. asks from Chicago

Trying to find a unique birthday party for my little girl turning 4 next month. I would love a princess dress up party, or kind of dancing party. Im tired of doing ...


Daughter Turning 7. People Asking What She Wants/needs. Ideas Please???

E.C. asks from Dallas

So my daughter is turning 7 Friday and having a sleepover. Majority of the people have asked what to get her. Most of them are close to us both. Some even asked to ge...


Birthday Party

M.B. asks from Houston

I would like some ideas for my 6 year old daughters 7th birthday party. She is suddenly so into her birthday. She wants to invite everyone she knows. She had a slee...


Need Ideas for My Daughter's 9Th B-day ----Something "COOL" She Says Not Babyish

S.W. asks from Sacramento

Please HELP...I have no idea what to do for my daughter's party. We know that she wants a sleepover, OMG! 5-15 girls. All the usual traditional games just wont do any...


8 Year Old's First Slumber Party

L.S. asks from San Francisco

My youngest daugher is turning 8 tomorrow and we are having her first sleepover birthday party. A couple of the kids are not feeling ready for sleeping over so they ...


Looking for Cheap, Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas for 8 Year Old & 4 Year Old

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hello to all moms, I am looking at trying to find any ideas for my daughter's and son's birthday. My daughter will be turning 8 and my son will be turning 4. We ...