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8 Year Old Girl Party

C.L. asks from Dallas

Hi Everyone, My youngest daughter is turning 8 at the end of the month. She wants to have a sleepover. I am looking for inexpensive ideas to make the party fun. ...


Fun for 4 Yr Olds

W.Y. asks from Detroit

My daughter is having her first sleepover next weekend since we moved into our new home. Both girls are 4 and a half and I was wanting to find something fun for the t...


Birthday Party Game Ideas

T.R. asks from Reading

Hey Mamas!! I need your help and fast! We're having a b-day party for our 9 year old daughter on Saturday. It's a sleepover with 5 of her friends. Any ideas for g...


What Ways Have You Found to Be Thrifty and Have Fun

B.C. asks from Joplin

So part of me has been a little sad that this summer has taken such a beating on our budget. We had a move to contend with shortly before school ended. We moved to a ...


Ideas for a 6 Yr Old Girl Slumber Party

V.H. asks from Phoenix

With Daddy and the boys off camping this weekend, we thought it would be a good time for the sleepover my daughter's been dying to have. It's this Friday so I'm a li...


8 Year Old Girl Party- Coming up Fast

S.B. asks from Fort Myers

Im having a hard time thinking of what to do for a party AND I only have one week to plan this. I dont have a large budget ($200 for entire birthday party and her pre...


Ideas for Sahm to Do with 3Yo Boy

R. asks from Dallas

Okay Moms, I need suggestions...we are now a one car family and my 3yr. old DS and I stay home together, all day. We are driving each other nuts and we need some fun...


Change of Plans Again

L.M. asks from Cleveland

My son's friend is a handful and a bit spoiled, both boys are 11. I like the mom but she drives me crazy. the two boys and two other boys were to have a sle...


8 Year Old Slumber Party- Ideas?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Hi all, So my daughter is going to turn 8 soon. Having a slumber party for her as that is what she wanted. Just 4 other girls. They are really self-sufficient and l...


Birthday Party at Home for 9 Year Old?

R.L. asks from New York

I have never hosted a "kid" party. I am considering hosting a (BBQ or pizza) party at my home but am not sure about entertainment, games and I am nervous about having...