Sleepover Birthday Parties - at What Age Do These Typically Begin?

Updated on February 18, 2010
M.M. asks from Wheaton, IL
8 answers

My soon to be 8 year old daughter has rec'd a sleepover invitation. Seems abit early or am I off the mark?

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answers from Chicago on

Both my girls started at 8 years old, but it depends on how comfortable the child is with other people.

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answers from St. Louis on

do you know the parents? have you been in there home? generally this is the age that it starts

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answers from Dallas on

I was going to say about 8 years old. I would definately want to know & trust the family before agreeing to let her go. Ask other moms if they know them and use your gut feeling. Saftey first & foremost.
Good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

Michelle, This is the age (about 2nd or 3rd grade) that sleepovers start. But if your not comfortable do what some friends of ours did. Allow her to go over and stay for the evening and then pick her up when they are going to bed. Set a rule about no actual "sleepovers" till she is older and you set the age. A friend of ours never allowed their child to have a sleepover anywhere except family. The kid turned out fine and no problems with it as it was the rule from the time he was little. So no fights or questions about it.
note on the side. Make sure you know exactly what time is pick up and be there at that time. nothing is worse than allowing your child to have a sleep over part and then the other parents not picking their child up and your stuck with a kid all day and your tired cause same said kid was up all night giggling lol.

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answers from Phoenix on

I had sleepovers at about this age. Do you know the parents/family? If not, I'd make it a priority to get to know each of your daughter's close friends' families, so you are comfortable the next time this situation arrises. You can come up with pretenses to get together or simply call up the families and say, " Our daughters are close and I thought we should get to know each other somewhat. How about lunch?" You don't have to become best friends with them, just friendly enough you can sleep knowing your daughter is sleep at their house. Good luck!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade. My daughter is in 2nd, and I HOPE she doesn't get invited to a sleepover for atleast a year or two because she's still young enough that a disruption in her sleep schedule causes quite grumpiness. If you're concerned, call the kid's parents about it and just introduce yourself

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answers from Eau Claire on

This is about the age sleepovers begin.
As long as you know the family whose home she's going to be staying in, it should be fine. They'll play and giggle and talk, and she'll have a wonderful time! Just… make sure she wants to go, first. I sometimes got those kinds of invites from girls I didn't know very well, and being a shy child, I never wanted to go unless it was an invite from one of my two good friends.
As long as she's comfortable, and you're comfortable, go for it!
God bless!
M. D

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answers from New York on

If I remember correctly my daughters started the sleepover birthday parties around age 9. They would have a friend or two spend the night at age 5.

I guess the things you need to consider is how many girls are sleeping over, are her other friends going to be there and are you comfortable with the parents. You may want to let her go to the party for a period of time, but not spend the night.

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