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Seeking Help with Clingy and Emotional 4 Year Old

S.N. asks from Chicago

I am seeking help with my 4 year old daughter. She is very attached to me and always has been. She is literally under my feet all day long. I am tripping on her e...


Out of Control 4 Year Old

H.S. asks from Phoenix

My 4 year old son don't want to hear anything that we tell him. He fights with everyone even our 10 month old baby . we've tried talking to him taking toys away and n...


Classroom Baby Shower for Teacher

M.L. asks from Cleveland

hello, our school has 2 5th grade classes, both teachers are pregnant with their first. some mom's would lilke to throw a shower and i thought i would check here ...


Seeking Truly Fun Baby Shower Games

L.S. asks from Dallas

We are planning my best friend's miracle baby shower. I would love some truly fun and unique ideas as far as games we can play, special memory making activities, etc...


Breastfeeding a Newborn with a 4 Year Old in the House

A.R. asks from Longview

Ok, I breastfed our first son and am planning on breastfeeding our next son that is due in October. Our oldest will be 4 in December. I'm just wondering with older bo...


Explaining Breastfeeding to My 4 Year Old Son

C.J. asks from Mobile

Hi Ladies...You are always full of great suggestions, so I was hoping for a little advice or some suggestions. I'm due any day now with my twin girls. I plan to breas...


Looking for a Good Place to Have a Baby Shower

A.A. asks from Tampa

I was wondering if any body could give me some ideas on where to have a baby shower in the St. Pete/ Pinellas Park area. My house is to small do it there and I’m n...


Did You Have a Baby Shower?

T.V. asks from New York

If yes, did you have one for every child you had or just for the first one? Why or why not? I had one for my first child but not for the second. No reason in parti...


Bathing a Baby in the Shower Without a Tub

P.M. asks from San Francisco

This is a question I have for down the road a bit, but I thought I'd gather ideas now... Currently, my husband and I bathe our baby once a week in a baby tub on the k...


Second Baby Shower with Second Child??????

B.F. asks from New York

I am a mom to an almost 5 year old boy and am expecting a baby girl at the end of October. My son and new daughter will be five years apart. My close friend wants to ...