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Updated on November 08, 2009
T.B. asks from Nashville, TN
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I am planning a Diaper Co- ed Baby Shower I am all out of ideas. I need help with decorations, food, games and gifts. Please help. My shower is in 3 weeks and I have nothing. Any ideas???

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answers from Wilmington on

I would use a diaper cake for the decoration. You can either get the directions on-line to make it or have someone give it as a gift. Also I would have some "manly" food items as guys aren't much for cake only events.
As far as games, I am not big on them, but a fun one I have seen done is to get the guys to diaper a baby doll. Either time them doing it or make it a team race thing. It also gives them practice for the real thing....only a moving baby is more challenging! Just give a prize for the winner. Something men a six pack or something...LOL! Don't sweat it... just have a nice fun party and maybe get a friend to help you with it. Good luck.

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answers from Lexington on

*Buy 10-20 necessary baby items at a drug store, such as lotion, shampoo, thermometer, etc. (these can be your gift)Then make a list and have guests try to guess how much they cost. This is especially fun if you have guests that don't have kids, or who aren't the main shoppers. Winner gets a prize.

*Have a role of string or yarn. Guests cut off how much they think would measure the honoree's waist. Winner gets a prize.

Pinwheels, fruit and cheese trays, snack mix. Anything that you would want to eat at a get-together.

Keep it simple and clean. A pastel tablecloth and some cute napkins from a party store. Maybe fresh flowers.

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answers from Nashville on

If there will be men and women... I would say by=pass the games and just have it a casual get together. A cake and some light refreshments would be plenty. If you know what the child is, go with that theme on some streamers around and on the cake,but.... guys dont care about that and will enjoy just getting together!! Good luck and God Bless.
P.S. Great idea.. my friend did this and had enough diapers to last her 6 months. Make sure the people know to bring any size, not just new born!!

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answers from Knoxville on

Hi T.,
Have people write messages on diapers for an activity. I loved reading those in the wee hours of the morning when I was tired. People wrote stuff like "This thing can hold 5 pounds of pee - go back to bed!"

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answers from Charleston on

lil smokies cooked in bbq sauce in the crockpot

mini meatballs baked in bbq sauce

meat and cheese tray and bread so they can make their own

chips and dip

drinks: punch, soda, coffee, and water

make a game booklet with games like baby bingo for when you open the gifts.

scavenger hunt, hide baby items around the area where the shower is have the items listed in the game book with a time limit. Have the guest list where they saw the items. Who ever finds the most wins.

How well do you know the parents game also in the game book. Have questions about both the parents and see who knows them the best.

Word scramble

Nursery rhymes game

Have a front cover on the game booklet with a cute saying about babies. Decorate the pages with things that fit the theme of the shower. My daughter and I did this for a baby shower we hosted. Every one loved the scavenger hunt. No one had seen it done at a shower before.


small items from the dollar tree




table decorations

a small dish of mints

baby items cut out of magazines

You can find all kind of games and suggestions/ideas by doing a search online for baby showers

Good luck with the shower and congratulations

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answers from Nashville on

i did a similar shower for a friend of mine a few years ago and we did nursery rhyme mad libs: the expectant couple left the room for a few minutes while all the guests gave a list of nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. then we brought mom and dad back in and had dad read the "new" rhyme to mom's tummy. It was a hilarious. you can serach for baby shower or prganancy mad libs or just make your own by getting a book and deleting a few of the key words. example: bah bah __(adjective)____ sheep have you any __(noun)______... and so forth. good luck!

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answers from Charlotte on

I have a game idea that we played at my shower. Get a few diapers and a few different candy bars. Melt a candy bar and put it in a diaper. Pass each around for the guests to examine and smell. Whoever guesses the candy wins a prize.

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answers from Knoxville on

Here's a fun (but messy) game idea: Have them pair up and blindfold both partners. Put something over them to protect their clothes. Have one partner feed the other one babyfood while they are both blindfolded. A lot of the people at my shower were reluctant about playing the game, but in the end everyone loved it!



answers from Nashville on

a cute gift idea for attendees is a small baby bottle filled with colored jelly beans or m&ms either pink or blue and then tied with a gingham ribbon. I saw it on a decorating show and they were adorable!

Have drinks that have food coloring in them..either blue or pink or green if you don't know the gender.

I would not have games if it is co-ed. Men aren't into that. If the mother wants games, you can go online and google co-ed shower games and get ideas.

cupcakes are so cute and can have little booties on each one. finger food is best. you can do a brunch and have mimosas or you can have a cookout at night. I had the coed cookout and I loved it.

are you putting on your own shower? surely a friend or family member can help you or do it for shouldn't be doing it for yourself.

many ideas online! have fun!



answers from Parkersburg on

I'm actually a very involved Grandfather, "Not the Momma!". For my daughter's baby shower, my wife and I made a "diaper cake". They are **much** cheaper to make than to buy online, and you can make it very personalized sine you know exactly what the Mom needs. They are so easy to make that my wife and I have started making and selling about four per month for other peoples showers!


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