Planning a Baby Shower - Edmond,OK

Updated on July 20, 2007
C.G. asks from Edmond, OK
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I am in charge of planning a baby shower and we were originally going to just have it at someones house but now the party has grown into a large group of people and it would be better if we had the party someplace else. I would just like any suggestions on where a nice place is to throw a baby shower for a large group of people.

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I attended a really nice shower at Mimi's Cafe. The food was great and we had a private room. HTH!



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O how fun! You didn't really indicate if you wanted something casual, fancy, etc., and I'm not sure what your budget is, but what about Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond? They have party rooms for special ocassions. I think that would be a very memorable shower - or as I like to say "saaaahhweet!!" It's around Edmond Rd (2nd street) and Santa Fe I think... Here's a link to their website:

I think there is an event center in Edmond, too. Seller's is the name I believe. I wonder if they have something. I believe it's near Blvd & Memorial (across from where Lyon's Fun Park used to be).

I am sure wherever you have it, it will turn out great. Good luck!!

P.S. A few tips, on your invites don't use "RSVP" try "Regrets Only" (people are confused as to whether RSVP means call/don't call if you can/can't make it). Also, if you have a large group, considering getting a cake from Sam's Club (they serve 40 I think and they can "score it"). Their cakes are as good as anyone elses and are around $15 for a half sheet (huge). As far as budget goes, I did a wedding shower last year - we did heavy finger foods (spinach dip, meatballs, turkey & chz and chicken salad croissant sandwichs, veggie tray, etc and we probably spent $400 between the 3 of us and had about 25 show up. It adds up quickly, invites, postage, decorations, food (if you're planning on serving any), cake, gifts, etc. so keep all that in mind.



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Check with a local library - Many of them have party rooms or conference rooms and the best part is, they let you use them for free. We have had friends throw showers and birthdays at the Moore Library and it has been very sucessful!



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I just went to a shower that was held at a church in their banquet room and that was nice. They had a kitched there as well to help make clean up easier. If you or someone you know attends a church with a facility that could be used you may want to do that. The one I went to the church didn't charge because the girl's mother-in law was a member there.

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