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Updated on February 27, 2008
N.F. asks from Salem, MA
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Ok ladies you have been a lot of help to me in the past so here it goes agaon. My mother-in-law is plannign a shower for her son and her girlfriend. She is only planning it for her side of the family. She (girlfriend) lives in Nh and will be having a shower up there with all of her friends. She has no family here with the exception of my mother-in laws family and they are a small group of people 15 the most. We are trying to find someplace a little private to have it, but no one wants block a area off for 15 people. I am looking for any suggestions in the North Shore area where is would be possiable to have a shower with only 15 people. We thought about having it at someone's house, but the girlfriend is allergic to animals and ALL of us have them so that is impossiable. Any help would be great.
Thanks again ladies!!!

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We had a great small shower for a friend at Fin's in Salem, MA. 21 people. We were seated upstairs in a private room that is really pretty. The food was great and it had a little bar area so you didn't have to go up and down the stairs. You should also try some of the yacht clubs around the north shore that have smaller function halls.



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Hi N.:

I have a small restaurant called Cafe Capri, located in Reading Mass, right off of 128. My husband said if you have it on a Sunday between the hours of 12-4 we could reserve a spot for 15 guests. We have reasonable prices and the food is quite good. We have everything from pizza, pasta apps, fish and bbq. My cousin just had a small going away party for her son and it was a huge success and it fit the budget. Well hopefully that will be of some help!! If you have any questions you may e-mail me @ Good luck N.:)

Lisa Enos



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The Hillview Country Club in North Reading has a space in its lower level (same level as its pub) where they do smaller functions -I've seen some about that size - the food is great, fairly reasonably priced. I've been too and even organized a few functions there and have found the staff very accomodating. Their number is ###-###-####. Hope this helps.




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I think it really depends on if you want to do more of a brunch type or afternoon etc. Afternoon you can try Stromberg's in Salem, they have a little room that is perfect for 15-20 people. I don't think they are open earlier enough for brunch but you could ask.



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depends on how much $you want to spend.. the Wenham Tea House is perfect for this! Call them!!!

You can rent church halls (Church in the Cove in Beverly is really cheap!), Immanuel Church on Bridge St in Beverly is fairly cheap too.

The Depot restaurant, Casa de Lucca, Cafe Salerno (great food, not sure how they do their functions though).

Let me know if you want more suggestions.. I have a ton of info..

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