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9 Year Old Starting Menstration??

S.H. asks from Phoenix

Well, I believe my 9 year old is getting ready to start her periods. Some eveidence of it on her panties.....isnt this alittle early?? I so am not ready for this. I a...


8 Yo Picking Habit Causing Huge Scabs

A.O. asks from Seattle

My 8 yo bonus daughter has a bad habit of picking. She picks at everything, her shoes, the furniture, food and her face. Her mother and I disagree as to the why part ...


Acne Cure for 10 Year Old

M.P. asks from Sacramento

Hi, My son is 10-1/2 years old and his forehead is really starting to break out. I've had him washing his face with Noxeima in the shower at night and also using a ...


How to Help My 7 Year Old Daughter Get over Being Afraid of the Dark.

J.K. asks from Mansfield

My daughter is 7 and terrified of the dark. She sleeps with a lava lamp on but it is not even sleeping. In the winter it is dark at 5. She will not go into any room i...


Which Meds to Give a 2Year Old for Flu?

F.S. asks from Portland

Hey there My 2year old has a cough, with fever at nights, a runny nose. only her runny nose started previous monday, i thought it will go away on its own. But its ju...


I Am Looking for a Mom That Can Help Me Out with a Birthday Party for a Girl

A.M. asks from Sacramento

I am a mom that has very little time and very little money for her birthday in December. So I am out of ideas so please help me out please. She loves Snow White the b...



S.W. asks from San Francisco

I have an 8 year old who last week decided that she wants to become a vegetarian. I want to support her and was wondering if any other mommies out there have any idea...



A.H. asks from Minneapolis

I want to know what other parents give their kids for allowance. My 7 year old son takes out the garbage and keeps his room/bathroom clean and of course he picks up a...


Any Cures for Car Sickness / Motion Sickness

S.V. asks from San Francisco

Our 8 year old son gets car sick once in a while especially on long car rides. We have a seven hour ride planned this summer. Any advice on ways to prevent or comfo...


Children's Dentist in Vancouver, WA Needed

M.C. asks from Portland

Looking for a dentist that works with the whole family or a pediatric dentist for my 6 year old and another dentist for my husband. We live in Vancouver, WA near Sou...