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Midlife Crisis?? LOL

S.K. asks from Modesto

I am hoping other Moms out there can relate to how I am feeling. I would love any guidance. I am 37years old and happily married with two beautiful children 7yrs and ...


Daugter Has Allergies?

K.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on my almost 3yr old daughters health. She has had a chronic stuffy/runny nose and cough for 4months now. The cough wakes her at nite ...


Need More Suggestions for My 3 Year Old's Hair

K.W. asks from Chicago

I have two bi-racial children. I'm white and my husband is black. My kids both have beautiful curly hair. I have tried so many products from the ethnic lines to th...


Problems with My 12 Month Old Drinking Both Regular Milk and Soy

T.S. asks from Washington DC

I have a 12 month old little boy he was on ailimentum formula as an infant my Dr. swithched him first to Soy b/c he stopped wanting to drink the formula and he is 1 y...


Grown up Kids?

F.J. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a son who just turned 19 this summer. He graduated from high school last June. He had a part time job thru high school but now that he is a "real adult" he is ...


Advice Needed

D.K. asks from New York

Hello...I am currently a stay at home mom. I have a 2 year old son and a 4 monld old daughter. I absolutely LOVE LOVE being home with them BUT I really need to be b...


Have You Ever Boycotted a Store, Brand, or Product?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I don't shop at Wal-Mart. I worked there years ago and got treated so poorly that I swore, on the day I quit, that I would never again knowingly give that company an...


Help Creating List of Healthful Products

C.J. asks from Chicago

I have been trying to cut down on time spent in the Grocery store. So I have been slowly trying to put together a list of brands that give you the most bang for your ...



T.L. asks from Detroit

Where do you buy your quinoa? I've checked 3 local grocers (Kroger, Meijers, Walmart), and no one has heard of it. Is this something that is only carried in health ...


Anyone Recommend an Organic Baby Formula?

L.H. asks from Washington DC

We're adoptng an infant so I won't be breastfeeding. I want to use an organic powdered formula. I started researching and found quite a few of them! Any advice welcom...