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Inexpensive Shampoo

B.D. asks from Washington DC

Gone are the days of expensive salon appointments and pricey beauty products now that I am a new mom. Can anyone suggest an inexpensive shampoo/conditioner that is s...


Laundry Detergent

J.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, I'm trying to make better ecological choices. I've tried Method laundry soap. It didn't take out the basic dirt marks that seem to be on the majority of my...


1 Year Old Ate Spoiled Food

C.S. asks from Washington DC

My one year old daughter just ate some spoiled ham and I'm not sure what to do. I just came home from the grocery store, opened up a brand new package of ham with an ...


I Need to Find Fresh Basil to Make Pesto

B.B. asks from Phoenix

I am having an awful time trying to find fresh basil to make pesto. I have tried, Sprouts, Basha's, Frys, Safeway, Lee Lee, and even Costco and I haven't found a pack...


Cold Medicine That Dissolves in Mouth for a 2Yr Old????

C.Z. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mama's, I need some help for my neighbor. His 2 year old has a cold and is refusing and is doing anything to NOT take any sort of liquid or any medication. I re...


Food Ideas for Double Baby Shower at Work

A.B. asks from San Francisco

Yay, I am in charge of something fun at work. I am planning a shower in about 2 weeks and I'd love some ideas! Two of the ladies here are pregnant and one's husband...


Father's Day Card rant..What Do You Do?

J.R. asks from Phoenix

OK, in the chaotic midst of moving out of the country, I had the children design their own Father's day cards a week ago, and of course they got packed. So, I took t...


Healhy, but Cheaper Meals!

B.L. asks from Missoula

I am looking for cheaper meals, but that are still relatively healthy. My husband just lost 20 hours a week at work, so we need to save money.


Opinion on Best Organic Brand of Soy Formula and Probiotic for 4 Month Old?

A.D. asks from Seattle

My son is just about 4 months old and is very gassy and he is constantly spitting up. He is lactose intolerant so right now I have him on the Similac Sensitve RS, for...


Won't Eat Vegetables

M.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi All, m 5 year-old daughter will not, WILL NOT eat vegetables. We have to darn near pry her mouth open just to get in a few kernels of corn or a couple green beans...