Anyone Recommend an Organic Baby Formula?

Updated on November 28, 2010
L.H. asks from Washington, DC
8 answers

We're adoptng an infant so I won't be breastfeeding. I want to use an organic powdered formula. I started researching and found quite a few of them! Any advice welcome. I cna't breastfeed due to the medications I'm on and can't take any hormones due to health issues.

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answers from Washington DC on

I found O organics made by Safeway to be the cheapest and they make regular and a soy version.

Good luck!

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answers from Gainesville on

Hi L.! Congratulations!

***Updated-Just saw your updated info about your health concerns*** Again, best to you and your family!

I just wanted to offer up that if you get the baby young enough you very well could breastfeed. It is possible to breastfeed an adopted baby. Martha Sears (Dr. Sears wife) has info on it in one of her books. She breastfed I believe, 2 of their adopted children. Sometimes you can also take hormones to stimulate your milk production. I just wanted to toss it out there because sometimes people think it's an impossible thing to do or never even consider that an adopted baby can be breastfed. Again, congratulations!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi! Congrats on your little one, how exciting! Nature's One has a very good organic formula. They are in a bpa free container. You will note, that they say for infants 12 months and up. It also says, for a babies of any age. The reason they do the 12 months and up thing, is because they want to promote breastfeeding, for the first year. The formula, is actually developed for infants. I hope that makes any sense! Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

L., Congratulations on your adoption. I also want to let you know that you CAN breastfeed your adopted infant. I can connect you with several mom who were successful in doing so in the DC area! Yes, all of them never had lactated before. The DC Breastfeeding Center on K st. NW would also be able to help you if you wanted great resources about this.


answers from San Francisco on

Hi L.
Sorry I do not know any. I just wanted to congratulate you on impending motherhood.
Remember to get enough rest until baby comes because after that sleep is a distant beautiful memory lol
Best of luck



answers from Atlanta on

My niece makes her own from 2 parts goat's milk, 2 parts distilled water and 2 parts juiced carrots. Goat's milk is the most similar to human breast milk and the carrots give fiber and vitamins and minerals. Goat's milk can come in cartons, in condensed form in cans and also in powdered form (I know they sell it at

Hope this helps.




answers from Raleigh on

congrats on the adoption!!!!!! I am breasfeeding our 5 week old but we supplementing too. We tried Parent's Choice organic and Nature's One, both did not work for our baby for some reason. We r using Earth's Best right now with no issues. Earth's Best is very expensive though ($30/can). I have many friends who made their own formula(not the same recipe as one poster wrote about with the goats milk........) It's a kit you buy online (you will just have to supply milk, whey and something else) It comes out to be the cheapest and most healthiest considering the ingredients(and it does not take long time to make it.......I watched my friends make it:))



answers from Orlando on

Earth's Best is a very good one, it's also readily available, so you can get it at lots of places (Babies-R-Us, grocery stores), which makes it easy! I used it in times I needed to supplement and had no problems. I also used their first solids when the time came, rice cereal, oatmeal, jarred foods etc... Congratulations!!

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