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Onesis Question

J.S. asks from Detroit

I like for my 16 month old to wear a onesis under his clothes both for added warmth and the drooling factor. He drools constantly and even though he wears a bid I st...


Has Anyone Found Toddler Pajamas That Are Actually Comfy?

C.G. asks from Missoula

I am seriously irritated at how tight they make toddler pajama tops. Carters, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, all of them. My 19 month-old little guy can't sta...


Non Flame Resistant Pajamas Everywhere?

J.B. asks from Detroit

hi there, can anyone tell me whats up with the new warning labels on all the pjs? i went to target to get some new pjs got home and noticed a tag saying :for childs ...


When Do They Give up Their Lovies??

V.M. asks from Cleveland

I was going to ask this question today even before i read the My Little Pony back pack post. My Ds went to a sleep over last month with his lovey bear, like a small...


Little Kids Shoes - Worth the Money?

M.M. asks from Denver

Hi My son is almost 4yrs old. I have purchased most of his shoes from Target or Wal-Mart in the past. Recently a mom was talking about how bad it is for your kids de...


Feety Pajamas with Worn Tread

J.P. asks from New York

I have just been given several pairs of hand me down carters pajamas...the good fleece my daughters size! Hooray! The problem is, the tread on the bottom o...


How Do You Make Money off Your Kids Old Clothes? Other than Thread-up...

J.A. asks from St. Louis

What else have your tried? Is craigslist the way to go? A resale shop like Once Upon a Child or something?


Keeping 1 Y/o Warm at Night

J.P. asks from Chicago

I put my daughter in a long-sleeved onsie and a fleece footie at night, but unless she keeps her blanket on, she's frozen in the morning. The fleece (Carters) is thi...


Pricing on Clothes at Garage Sales

T.O. asks from Chicago

We're thinking about having a garage sale and I'm wondering how to go about pricing some of my daughter's clothes. I'm thinking it's pretty typical for boys clothes ...


Knee High Toddler Socks

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & papas Can you recommend some decent knee high toddler socks? Baby will be one soon and it's cold in NYC. I'd like knee highs because invariably his pant le...