Travel: Myself

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Books for Kindergartener

My son is not yet reading, but he loves to have chapter books read aloud to him (my husband is currently reading Prince Caspian). I heard the Mercy Wa...



Ok got a tough one here. My hubby and I have three kids ages 4, 2 and 18 months....

By Car

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Who Should Travel?

I know I will get a good mix of answers to this question....and I am looking forward to them. When a family has small children (new baby, other smal...


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years. Alth...


Travel Agent

Does anyone use a travel agent anymore? My husband and I are planning a trip for...

Infant Travel Advice

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What Was Your Major or Career?

I am 3 classes from getting my associates degree in general studies. Then, I will have to declare a major when I apply to a university. I know what I d...


International Travel

I will go on international air travel with my 11 month old baby boy. Is there an...


Pregnancy and Travel

Hey Mamas - I am currently 24 weeks pregnant, high-risk only based on the fact ...


Travel Advice

I am taking my 8 month old and 3 1/2 year old on a trip in June and I need some ...

Traveling by Car

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Long Car Ride

Does anyone have any ideas and tips on how to keep my 2 year old entertained for an 8 hour car ride. I plan to do a few stops because I also have an 8 ...


Games for Car Ride

Hello fellow moms! We are about to take our 4 kids (ages 4-12) in a VERY long c...


Car Seat Travel Bag

I am going to be flying with my 3 yr old and 17 month old in October by myself. ...

Traveling by Plane

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Breast Pumping on Airplane Flight

I am taking a trip across country soon and I am concerned about breast pumping on the long plane ride. Until recently I didn't even know breast pumping...


Toys for the Airplane

Hi Ladies, I am wondering what would be some good toys to use on the airplane...


Whole Family

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Family Vacation

Growing up you think of all the places and vacation spots you never traveled to but now that you have your own, family and kids, you want to get to get...



So, thanks to my husbands new job (and amazing new paycheck) we are going on our...



Hey Mama's! I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on a vacation situation. ...



I would like to plan a family vacation but with money being tight with the econo...