Give Me All Your Beauty secrets........PLEASE !!!!!

Updated on February 07, 2011
D.C. asks from Plano, TX
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I've used our restroom at work today and I wanted to cry when I looked in the mirror.....

It must have been the light, but I looked horrible....

I'm 36 (37 soon) and my face looks like that of a 57 year old.....ok, I can't change the wrinkles, but the color of my skin needs to is more gray than anything else.....and those blackheads....those huge crater like pores.........

HELP !!!!!!!!!

What are your beauty secrets.....I'd appreciate any advice on how to look better-younger from head to toe....

Thanks so much !!!!!!!

PS.....I've never smoked so that's a plus.....but what I really wanted to say.....

YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!! Keep them coming !!!!!!!

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answers from Detroit on

1. Drink plenty of water
2. Don't smoke
3. Use sunscreen
4. Get a professional facial from time to time
5. DHC skin care products are my favorite

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I like Aveeno Clear Complexion scrub. I think they have a "skin brightening scrub" too. And it doesn't break the bank. Good luck. Florescent lighting sucks.

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answers from San Francisco on

drink water with lemon slices, orange slices, lime slices etc. get enough rest at night. don't smoke- if you do, stop. eat healthy foods. mash up an avacado with a little bit of olive oil to make a paste and put it all over your face for 20 min. It will help with dryness and make your skin super soft and silky. Exfoliate 2x per week with a gentle cleanser and pat dry your skin after showering. Wear mineral makeup vs. makeup with lots of chemicals. Good luck and try to smile!!!!! Its hard getting older....I know.


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answers from Rochester on

I am not sure about younger (I'm 27) but I find I look a LOT better when I'm rested (ha--I know we can't do anything about that one), and when I drink plenty of water my skin is much nicer and more elastic. I am terribly lazy by the time the kids are in bed and things are set out for the night and usually fail to even wash my face. I think just making sure that you are starting with basic skin care (and not necessarily expensive) would be a good start. Cleanse every night and use a good moisturizer, even a nighttime one, and cleanse and moisturize with something with at least SPF 15 in the mornings. There are tinted moisturizers available which might help freshen your skin tone without makeup if you do not like full-face makeup (I hate it for myself and it usually gives me a breakout).

Pores are not going to go away, but my mom always taught us to wash our faces in warm water and splash cold water on after, which can help your pores tighten up a bit. You could also try using some witch hazel as a pre-cleanser to clean out the dirt and oil before you wash. I sometimes use mascara on really tired, bad days, so that might help your eyes a bit.

I would also say take a trusted girlfriend shopping (even in your own closet) with a lot of light and make sure your tops are in colors and necklines that are flattering. If you don't love it on you, don't wear it. If you love it, don't buy a lot of variety for variety's sake. I have found it is not worth it and I get frustrated because my favorite things are dirty and I don't really like the other things I'm wearing.

Those are just my initial thoughts. So much of our appearances is dependent on good diet and hydration and rest. I am very new to even owning makeup and still do not use it daily, and like I said am just trying hard to wash my face more often, but it does seem to help. If nothing else, it makes me feel better. =)

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answers from Houston on

Excerise, eat healthy food, drink lots of water (and mostly water a soda should be a rare thing) get fresh air and some sunshine, sleep well, wash your face and use a good moisturizer, go get your hair done it'll make you feel better. Those lights ARE terrible avoid them they make everyone look bad.

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answers from Washington DC on

I am about to turn 38 and I need this advice too!!

Drink tons fo water.

My grandmother in law swore by Vasaline on her face each night. Gross, but she had gorgeous smooth complexion at 80.

I wash my face in the shower each morning with facial cleanser to save time and I use toner and moistureizer with sunscreen each monring. I use chemical free sunscreen, but the subblock is probably the importan part.

I don't wear a lot of makeup bur I always wear eyeliner and mascara.

I cut my hair more frequently than when I was younger. I feel like it is far more important to look neat now.

I think having manicured nails is really important to how a woman presents herself and feels, but my nails are lousy :)

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answers from San Francisco on

1) Retin-A

2) Vigorous exercise (till you sweat profusely and your face is beet red) on a regular basis. If I don't exercise for a few days (like today) I literally look ten years older.

2a) Squeeze your blackheads.

3) Don't EVER look at yourself in a restroom at work with terrible florescent lighting!!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Rest, relax and walk, walk and walk. And moisturize, moisturize. And don't worry about this one more day. WE all have bad days. We are human.

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answers from Honolulu on

This is repeated sooooo much... but exercise... really helps. Any exercise... brings in more oxygen.... circulates the blood... and it helps to tighten your skin/underlying muscles.... even in the face and neck too.

Also, drink water, and get adequate sleep, use sunscreen....
also do weekly face masks and face scrubs.
I personally like the one's from Clinique.
And use the proper skin care for your skin type.

all the best,

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answers from Las Vegas on

start from the inside out.. drink lots of water.. how much, until your urine is clear or very pale yellow... also.. I use Dr. Hauscka rose day cream.. it's pricey but one, it doesn't make me breakout (yay) and two, it's rich without looking greasy... I ve tried less expensive products, but always come back to the Dr... :) that cream just makes my skin looks so much healthier.. and for me, when my skin is more properly hydrated from drinking water and using this cream, I find my pores are less visible.. I love love that cream..
also... exercise is great to get the blood flowing and help your complexion become a little more rose colored as oppose to the grey you describe. Also, I used to take niacin, but found it makes me too flush, however in your case, maybe this would help with the gray?
of course... limit sun...

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answers from Topeka on

My face has turned into a tomatoe after being prego with 3 kids & adult acne that has left acne scars now to top it off after getting so tired of it I went to see a dermatologist since lupus & ra was ruled out twice by my Dr. he noticed my face & was more red/irratated he was willing to help so that is were the blood work came in,turned out it was due to over cleansing my face so it has stripped my face anyway I have Roseca making face reder than usual the pimples I get are adult acne was prescribed 2 differenet medications to help control my issues not cure them.I also am a big fan of Dove bar it has helped.
As a lotion with spf I like Aveeno.My hands are so dry & cracked I have yet to find a good lotion that helps for this during winter season I just use what I have & lather up every chance I get.For dark circles I use Avenno under eye treatment it looks ok after makeup.What are you washing your face with, is it sensitive?If not use a scrub up to 3x's a week to help exfoliate & clear pores/blackheads if they are on your nose use Biore poor strips love those.I have also read that smashing strawberries then applying in a circular motion to face will also help clear the pores/blackheads the seed work as an exfoliannte & the juices are from the salycic acid that a strawberry naturally produce to help clear acne.

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answers from New York on

I purchased a Clarisonic facial cleaner. It is amazing. I have the worst pores abd blackheads and whiteheads. I would get regular facials and within two weeks I was right back to where I started. It was a big investment the Clarisonic but when I took into consideration that i didn't have to have monthly facials it paid itself off. I am 51 and noone believes I am because my skin looks pretty good. I purchased mine on QVC. And just to make you feel better we all have those UGLY days lol!!

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answers from Chicago on

I am 38 fair skinned with some red splotches, wear glasses and have under eye circles (which of us moms doesn't have those?). I don't wear much make-up but I love bare minerals. Really that and blush are my make-up routine. It really evens my skin tone. I have found that I need a completely different moisturizer in winter but I moisturize all year round and the bare minerals looks better with a moisturizer that moisturizes enough. I also exfoliate about once a week. Drinking water is important. if you smoke stop. Smoking breaks down the collagen and you age faster. A good cut and for me a color picks me up. I also found as a previous responder stated; clothing that flatters both in it's cut and color. HTH

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answers from Austin on

Drink lots of water. Get plenty of sleep. No smoking. Go outside and walk at least 3 times a week., Smile and accept your life as it is.

Get a good hair cut and some color if needed.

Wash your face without pulling in downward motions. Lay a really warm towel on your face.. as warm as you can stand it.. after a few minutes get a nice masque
And use it only where you have skin problems. T zone.. But not on your cheeks or neck. After you wash it off (remember no pulling down on your face) use moisturizer.

Use a good moisturizer on your face, and neck. Lubriderm, Oil of Olay, are just as good as Lancome and Estee Lauder.

Wash your face every night and sleep in moisturizer, face and neck.

It does not take a bunch of make up.. But do concentrate on Mascara, a little eye liner and some nice lip glass. Look at the fashion magazines on the rack to see what colors are in this season.. The purchase the inexpensive version..

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answers from Chicago on

YaY for not smoking! I didn't read all the responses, so forgive me if I repeat what anyone said.

I use Oil of Olay Regenerist products. I get compliments on my skin all the time. You need a morning routine and an evening routine. Be prepared to spend some cash though. While not super expensive, Olay isn't cheap either. Try to find a store that is selling Olay at buy 1 get another 1/2 off.

Olay has a thermal face wash, which is great for morning use. They also have a 2 in 1 Cleanser that is great for pores (It's in a green bottle). I use 7 in 1 Effects Anti Aging Moisturizer with SPF in the morning. Don't forget to put it on your neck too! I also use Simply Ageless Primer. It's an Olay/Covergirl product. It is a must! Put it on before you put on your makeup. Or you can just put it on and go au natural. It's one of the best products I've ever used. For foundation I use Olay Definity.

In the evening, I use regular Olay foaming face wash and then their regenerist night moisturizer, which is thicker than the day time one. Again, don't forget your neck!

As for grey skin - are you taking vitamins? Do you eat right and exercise? If not, I like Alive vitamins (Walmart or Walgreens) and take an Omega 3 supplement as well. I also try to exercise 3 times a week and I eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Good luck! Some changes you might see right away, but others will take a while, so don't get discouraged, just keep on keeping on!

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answers from Redding on

I work at a hospital and the lighting is not always kind.
I look great in one bathroom and terrible on the surgery ward.
No one has ever told me I look hideous so I just believe that I look great no matter what.
Just be sure to take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated. Use gentle makeup that doesn't accentuate the flaws, and trust me, we all have them.
Some lighting is very harsh.

Use natural light to apply any make-up if you can. That's what I do.

Best wishes.

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answers from Dallas on

I haven't read the responses so forgive me if I am repeating.

I am an avid lover/user of Clinique products. I started using them around 11 yrs old. My mom taught me from the get go that proper facial and skin care is crucial. I am now 49 and I pass for early 30's. My 16 yr old daughter uses Clinique as well.

I currently use the repairwear series of Clinique. I love it. I use the laser focus serum for preventing and getting rid of fine lines, special eye cream and face cream. In the summer, I use the even better which fades any spots that pop up due to sun.

SUNSCREEN is critical. I use it daily 365 days a year, not just the summer.

Clinique is guaranteed and if you are not happy you get your money back from the store where you bought it. I buy a lot from Neiman Marcus. They have women working the counters that USE the product .

You can get samples from any Clinique counter and I always buy extra stuff to get the bonus packs of trial things for daughter and myself.

Drink a lot of water too..... it keeps you hydrated.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

*Drink lots of water. It helps the look of your skin.
*Use a good moisturizer.
*Go to a beauty spot and ask them for help with facial makeup (you will know how to apply it properly, and they will find the right shade and balance for you, and they may even help you with what would work for hiding your blemish's...i like clinique - but they are expensive)
*If high-line makeup is out of your budget, go to Target and look for 'Boots' makeup. They have a colored moisturizer that helps balance out your skintone. If you're gray you might want the purple one, i get the green one because i have reddish undertones (it helps to hide blemishs too)
*Take your make-up off every day and cleanse your skin with a good cleanser (i like shu uemura).
*Invest in good make up brushes, it does make a difference (I like targets brands - to me its the same as mac brushes).
Those are just a few things I have done to help my skin out. =)

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi D.,

I agree with Laurel that good nutrition is key. You can't always get it from your food these days. Even if you think you're eating right, the vitamin and mineral content is lower today because soil is depleted and most foods have some sort if not many chemicals on them. an absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex is a must. I can recommend one if you like.

Hydration is important so get plenty of non-chlorinated/non-fluoridated water. Both of these chemicals will age you and can cause health problems as well.

I use a line of skincare called Sei Bella that is a natural alternative to most cosmetic lines. It contains no pthalates or Quaternium-15. Even though the FDA says these are okay in small doses, you can't get them in small doses if you use multiple products. And yes, wrinkles can go away. Not all of them and not all the way necessarily, however, my crow's feet around my eyes went completely away. I'm 53 and it's nice not to have the same wrinkles as my friends. Of course I see the flaws in my skin and don't for a second think it's perfect, but I am always getting complements on it.

Other things can help as well. Detoxing your home so you are not absorbing synthetic chemicals into your skin or blood stream. Chiropractic care for general wellness. Exercise and yes, sun. Vitamin D is critical to health. Not too much but 10 minutes a day does wonders....

Hope this helps. If you'd like to more info let me know. I'd be glad to help.


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answers from Dallas on

Wow! You have some great responses. I didn't read all of them so forgive me if I"m repeating them.

Like many of the other ladies have said, sunscreen is your best friend!!! Find a good cleaning regimen. I started using Mary Kay's Time Wise line this past summer and LOVE it (no, I don't sell it)!!! I also bought the Clarisonic tool for cleaning your face and that has made a world of difference. It gives your face a fantastic can say bye bye to blackheads! These things combined have made a difference for me! Also, water is important, drinking that is!!!
I was in your shoes this past July and I started using Mary Kay and the clarisonic and here I am in Dec. so happy with my skin from those changes.
Good Luck!

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answers from Flagstaff on

I haven't read too many answers so I hope you don't mind if I repeat.

I use the oil cleansing method. I make a little bottle of olive oil, castor oil, tea tree oil and lavender. At night, I take my bottle of oil, and smooth it on my face and neck, massaging it a bit. Then taking a hot washcloth, I steam my face, when cool I gently wipe away the oil. Repeat about 2 more times.

Occasionally I will use my night serum that I made (jojoba, vitamin e, rosehip, and borage). I use this as my lotion occasionally. I don't usually put on makeup, so don't mind the initial shiny face.

Once a week I use a sugar scrub(olive oil and white sugar) to get the dead skin. Sometimes, I use a oatmeal, lemon and honey mask.

As you can tell, I use my kitchen in my beauty treatments. Believe it or not, the oil cleansing method really helped reduce the size of my blackheads on my nose, they are now pin pricks compared to when I started.

What is also important is to eat correctly. More fresh fruits and veggies and such. Get your GLA supplements (evening primrose, borage or fish oil) Oatmeal is my preferred fiber since it lets you absorb more nutrients and takes its time going thru your system.

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answers from Dallas on

Fish oil! Does wonders for your hair, skin and nails. I don't wear too much make-up - especially foundation (very bad for your skin). Clean my face morning and night w/ a cleanser that does have soap in it (I use Purpose). I have dry skin, so a good moisturizer (Dove works great). I do not spend much money on my face products. I get them at Walmart. My skin is smooth, bright and moisturized. I'm 42.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Start by getting a really good facial from a licensed aesthetician. Someone who loves to do extractions. Try a glycolic peel during the facial to slough off the dead top layer and reveal the new skin underneath. If you have never had one you will just be pink the first day and a bit flaky for a few days. Decrease the alcohol as it is dehydrating, ramp up the cardio because it will increase bloodflow to the skin while getting rid of the toxins, drink more water, take some supplements vit A, VitD, VitB, biotin, etc, use a moisterizer with sunblock. See a dermatologist and have he/she give you some Retin A. It decreases the wrinkles and promotes collagen. I buy it from my derm doc for 38 dollars and it has bleaching cream in it for my dark spots. I have gaping pores on my nose and I have a little secret tube from Clinique called Pore Minimizer, it seriously fills them in like nobody's business!

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answers from Chicago on

Amal Oils Organic Argan Oil - affordable and miracle oil that will make your skin glow :)

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answers from Chicago on

I think alot it in the genes, too.I eat tons of sugar,I know the only bad habbit I can't break.I slack this year to exercise..due to back problems, I will try later..( I hope).I do have great skin, I'm 44, my son ( 17), just told me, mom you have no wrinkles, but my other son 6, told me, mom your boobs are very long, thank you.
Foundation is actually very good, to wear, it protects your skin from the elements outside....I never leave the house without sun protection,I wear light foundation from Cover girl advanced, I love it.I use Cetaphil and some oils like, prime rose or almond oil at night.I never drink enough, I'm just not thirsty.I don't eat a lot of meat, but veggies, friuts, and I love bread, I'm German, I have to have my bread.But everybody is different...I don't think any wrinkle creams work, you have them, and they will stay...
I do scrub my face with the scrubbing cream,....Allright than I guess now I have to exercise......

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answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with many of the suggestions below about good nutrition, hydration and rest. Your skin is your largest organ and will reflect what is happening on the inside - but it is just as important what you put ON your skin. Most products on the market have mineral oil (which will clog your pores), harsh chemicals and preservatives (which may dry your skin - and strip its natural glow).

Arbonne International has no parabens, PABA, mineral oil, dyes, or fragrances. Our products are botanically based so you can trust that the ingredients are pure and won't harm your skin (or health).

I am happy to mail you a sample to try -


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answers from Detroit on

Anything from Origins is amazing! All of their skin care products and makeup are 100% plant derived. Find a store near you at

The people at Origins will be able to help you find the right skin cleanser and moisturizer for you.

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