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Help Me with $$ Saavy Grocery Shopping in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale Area?

J.S. asks from San Francisco

My family needs to rein in our budget. Groceries is a place we could probably be spending less. Can you help us out with your thoughts on good spots to shop in my ar...


Kirkland Brand Diapers from Costco

G.M. asks from San Francisco

I've been thinking about purchasing diapers from Costco by Kirkland (size 3) for my 9 month old, but am not sure if they will be worth it. We are members of Costco a...


Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

K.R. asks from Chicago

Do you have any remedy recommendations for a nasty diaper rash? The skin is broken in the size of a quarter on one little butt cheek, pink everywhere else. My 20 mo...


Going Back to Work but Still Want to Breastfeed

C.L. asks from Portland

I will be going back to work next month but really would like to continue breastfeeding. Unfortunately, I will be unable to pump while working because I am in sales ...


Breastmilk Supply and Formula Introduction (For Going Back to Work)

T.V. asks from Seattle

Hi, I'm returning to work in 11 days and am having trouble building up a supply of pumped breastmilk for him to have while at daycare. He is now 14 weeks and nurses...


Does Resolve Really Work?

L.C. asks from San Francisco

My husband did some rearranging over the weekend..we can definitely tell which part of the carpet had traffic on some parts of the carpet is lighter than the...


14 Year Old Son Looking for Summer Work

A.M. asks from Phoenix

Help!!! My son has wanted a job since he was able to walk. I told him he could get a job when he turns fourteen. He gets excellent grades and does yard work in our ne...


Which Meds to Give a 2Year Old for Flu?

F.S. asks from Portland

Hey there My 2year old has a cough, with fever at nights, a runny nose. only her runny nose started previous monday, i thought it will go away on its own. But its ju...


Seeking Home Business or Great Bakery for Cupcakes

P.L. asks from Washington DC

Hey moms, I wanan buy either cupcakes or one of those cupcake cakes for my daughter's 5th b-day. Looking to support a home business or local bakery. Don't want one fr...


Under Pressure

N.P. asks from San Francisco

My husband lost his job about two weeks ago and the shell shock is just about wearing off. He's applied for unemployment and those funds will keep the mortgage note p...