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Do All Nuby Silicone Top Sippy Cups Leak?

S.H. asks from Chicago

I am now on my 2nd Nuby cup, hoping the first one was just defective, but this one leaks too! When I put the lid on and tighten it, the silicone top moves just enoug...


Transitioning from Nuby Sippy Cup to Hard Spout

R.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My son(11.5 months) has used a Nuby sippy cup since he was 6 months old to drink water and juice. He holds them well and loves to drink from them. I have been a bit d...


NUBY feeder...i Cant Get It to Work, or Find Any Help! I Am Trying to Use the Nu

J.A. asks from Nashville

i am trying to use the Nuby 2oz bottle cereal feeder, and i cant get it to work. i put the cereal in, push the bottom up to get air out, and my baby sucks and suck an...


Sippy Cup

A.P. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have any recomendations about how to get my 8 month old to take water/etc from a sippy cup? I have been working on this for about 2 months and have not ha...


5 Month Old Does Not Accept Bottle

S.G. asks from Seattle

Hi All, My nearly 5 month old son exclusively breastfed till 3 months. After that i have been trying getting him onto bottle with no success so far. Have tried lot...


Need Ideas on Getting Toddler to Take Regular Sippy Cup

G.A. asks from Denver

My son had a very hard time transferring from the bottle to a Nuby cup. We had to go cold turkey and suffer through it. Now, a year later, the Nuby cups are driving m...


Sippy Cups That Don't Leak??

J.A. asks from Dallas

Please tell me what your childs favorite sippy cup is, if you have a great one that does not leak. My daughter loves the nuby sippy cup but it leaks milk all over th...


Sippy Cup Solution

H.L. asks from Philadelphia

Does anyone know of a sippy cup that actually works? I have been using the Nuby, which I liked, until my daughter realized that if she stuck her finger in the top, i...


Sippy Cups

R.E. asks from Denver

Hi everyone, My 9mo old daughter is learning how to use a sippy cup. But she seems to spill more down the front of herself then acctually drink. Right now we are ...


Recommendation for Sippy Cups That Don't Spill...

M.F. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any recommendations for sippy cups that wont spill when held upside down? My son always takes his cup and shakes it upside down depositing milk everywhere...