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Nursing Moms & Birth Control

A.C. asks from Kansas City

Just this weekend, I started my period. My son is 15 months on Tuesday so I haven't had my period for 2 years!! This is due to breastfeeding and the fact my son sti...


Need Advice on Spacing Between Kids

M.B. asks from Atlanta

I am looking for a bit of advice on spacing my kids out. I have a 5 month old and my husband and I have been talking on getting pregnant again. I hear that having y...


Do You Bundle Your Baby in a Snowsuit or Jacket in the Winter??

T.W. asks from Milwaukee

Ladies, I am torn between what I have done in the past with my own little girl and now what a friend says is the correct way of doing it. For my daughter when she wa...


Co-sleeping Thoughts - Older Children

L.M. asks from Phoenix

I was reading some requests and answers, and most of the requests and answers are Husband & Wife, with babies that co-sleep together. I am a single mom, i have be...


Secondary Infertilty - Advice and Support Needed!

C.W. asks from Chicago

Wondering if anyone can share their story or offer advice and support about secondary infertilty issues. We've been trying for another child and recently went throug...


Lactation Drugs

J.M. asks from New York

I recently had surgery on my R foot, I was told I could go right home and breastfeed. I did and did not have any feeding/producing issues. I went in for my second sur...



J.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I've been breastfeeding my baby since birth, now at 3 months old she refuses a bottle. She took her first bottle at a month old, then starting refusing them. She ba...


Most Useful New Infant Item You had...please share...especially Preemie Parents

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

So my SIL gave birth VERY early last week..at 30.5 weeks gestation. My niece weighed in at 2 lbs, 1 oz. She has done miraculously..no vent the whole time, no emergenc...


4Th baby....go for It or No?

K.R. asks from Fort Collins

Hi all. I have three lovely little children. Two boys 4 and 6, and a 2 1/2 year old girl. My husband and I have had wonderful experiences raising all of them. We'...


Infant Constipation

J.S. asks from Tampa

Do all 6 month olds (or infants) have constipation? It seems that my 6 month old daughter who I have breastfed since birth is now getting some solids in her feeding ...