Success Stories for Home Birth or Birthing Center VBAC

Updated on May 21, 2010
T.H. asks from Lake Oswego, OR
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Hi ladies,

Anyone willing to share their success story with a home birth or birthing center VBAC? I'm not yet pregnant (yahoo for trying) just looking for some inspiration. The c-section really scared and scarred me but I don't want to give up hope that it can happen. The reason I'm specifically interested in homebirth or birthing center successes is because I would like to try that route this time. If you feel the need to post something discouraging that, please refrain.

Thank you ladies!

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answers from Portland on

I found that the stories that inspired me the most were of women giving birth on their own, as in, alone. By choice without even 1 support person there. Sounds scary and you're not planning on doing this, nor am I recommending trying it, but the stories of how they found courage and listened to their bodies were very empowering. There's a term for this kind of birth experience, but I'm afraid I can't remember it now, sorry. Good luck with your home birth/VBAC. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful experience. Remember that there is no room for fear and that you can do it.

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answers from Portland on

Hi T.,

Please allow me preface my response by saying this in NOT an personal advertisement.

I am a birth doula, hence I have a unique perspective on, and extensive personal experience with birth including VBAC. That said, this is a great place to go for positive birth stories. I really like the way you politely requested people refrain from discouraging stories, those are a dime a dozen. You might also look in to ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) for some really positive and inspiring stories. Andaluz Waterbirth Center also has success with birth center VBAC's. They would be a great source for empowering stories and facts all at once. I would like to say that your experience is likely to be so diametrically opposed to your last experience that it seems almost impossible and surreal; BUT with preparation and diligence the surreal can in fact become reality.

I wish you all the luck, and hope that when the time comes you do your research. Find out what has worked for other people, and follow their lead. Find the right birth team, and trust your body! There are a few reasons that it would be contraindicated to move forward with an attempted VBAC, but those are a select few. If you would like birth stories that are empowering I am happy to share a host of them with you, but don't want to bore you with stories that are not my own.

My best,
T. Nelson CD (DONA)

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answers from Portland on

First off let me say I am not against home births or VBACs. However, I would like to offer some info that I hope you'll consider when making your decision. (I'm not trying to be a hater - just offering some sound advice :) )

Has your OB told you whether you are in fact a candidate for a VBAC? The reality of your situation is, depending on how your first birth went along with other contributing factors, you may not even be able to consider having one becuase it's just too dangerous for you and/or your baby. Now if you are a candidate and want to try having a VBAC - go for it!!!!! But I STRONGLY recommend that you consider having it in a hospital or a center where there are medically trained personnel (not doulas or midwives) available. If you were to try and do it at home and your uterus ruptured or tore, or your muscles weren't strong enough to deliver your baby and labor was delayed, you would need immediate attention by a doctor to control the situation. Either situation, or many others that are possible with VBAC are so dangerous and I couldn't imagine gambling with the health of my baby just to be at home.

I'm sorry that your c-section scared you. I had one 10 months ago (first child) and I was surprised at how little discomfort I had - granted mine wasn't done during an emergency, just after a LONG attempt at delivering and before my son started to decline. My cousin just had her 3rd child by csection and she said that it was a completely different experience when you schedule the birth. In her words, "You check in at noon and by 2 you have your baby! No problem!" So consider that - no stress, no wondering, just a little prep work and before you know it your baby is in your arms :)

Both she and I delivered at Adventist Health Medical Center (Portland/ Mall 205 area) and they have a FANTASTIC birthing center - private rooms, sleeping area for dad, great staff! They also offer alternative birthing methods that involve water and natural elements. And in case you need a doctor, Dr. David Sargent, who's office is right across the street from the hospital, is AMAZING :) He is a wonderful and very experienced man!! He is also a huge advocate of natural births and VBACs.

Good luck!!!

PS - I work for an attorney who specializes in birth trauma cases - I'll leave it at that.

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answers from Chicago on

Midwives are "medically trained personnel" they are just not trained to cut a woman open because in 95% of births it's not necessary. I just wanted to correct Jennifer W. because she is so very misled about midwives and/or doulas. Go for it!!!! A natural birth is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby.



answers from Portland on

This is a great idea! I would definately look into a home birthing center. There are plently of "birthing centers" in portland, I think OHSu has one too, but they are not into the natural birth process at all. But hten there are ones with home birth midwives & naturopath midwives that you could have a really positive experience with. Try A. in SE. Portland, wonderful! And there is also Andaluz & even home birth midwives such as Carli Head. She is wonderful, if you'd like her contact info, just email. But there is no reason you should not be able to have a perfectly normal vaginal birth after a VBAC.

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