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Updated on August 13, 2011
F.W. asks from Cumberland, MD
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Even though just having a fussy newborn at night is great birth control, I'd need to choose something soon. I'm breastfeeding so I am concerned about not interfering with that. Also I'm a little wary of some things like Depo Provera that seem to affect your fertility awhile after stopping. What experience did any of you ladies have of Implanon, especially in terms of conceiving later and breastfeeding. I liked the mini pill but am a little wary of using it since its main function is not to prevent ovulation

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So What Happened?

Hubby and I decided the minipill was the best option after all until we decide on a third child. Going to use a backup at the same time though

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answers from Washington DC on

Before EVER starting on a birth control with hormones I would get a coagulation series (blood test) to see if you are one of the women who have an increased risk of blood clots. I didn't know this until I had a TIA at 27 yrs old.


answers from El Paso on

I have implanon and it's worked ok as it's been yr and a half still not been pregnant eventhough there have been some scares just you get a feeling of feeling pregnant you dnt have regular periods I have mine every three months if that you do spot I gained weight but that's maybe jut me since my poor diet and limited excersiw but it's not as bad once you get used to it it last three years and my ob said if I wanted more children after they take it out pregnancy can happene in 3 months or so after removed. It doesn't hurt much when they put it in your arm and you dnt have to worry about taking it every day or if it falls out so it works for me. Make sure you consider evry option and just pick wats best for you :) good luck


answers from Dallas on

I have a iud. No hormones and effective as a tubal. You can also get pregnant as soon as you get it removed!



answers from Spokane on

ICK - that's my short answer to your question.
My longer answer is: I got Implanon mid June because I needed something really reliable and easy; I get pregnant at the drop of a hat, and miscarry just as easily, this is a very sad and draining cycle (monetarily, physically and emotionally).
I started a very heavy period on July 12 and it has not stopped yet! I have had days where I am barely spotting and days where it is a full fledged period. My Dr had warned that this was a *slight* possibility, but the more research I have done it seems that this is quite common.
My husband has been gone for 6 months and it about to come home for two weeks before leaving again for a year, needless to say I am pretty irritated about this neverending period! It better disappear by the time he comes home!!!
Overall I am very wary of any kind of BC that involves hormones, and have tried tracking my cycles so I could do NFP (natural family planning), but my cycle can be anywhere from 22-60 days long and I never know when it will change. So it is very easy to be off by a few days and get pregnant when we really can't afford to be (in many ways).
In the past I have been on the pill, the mini-pill (when nursing) and now Implanon. Good luck in your search, but in my experience the mini-pill seemed to be my best option.



answers from Norfolk on

I know nothing about implanon. However I was on the Depo shot for about 2 years before we decided to try for our third son. It took a little less than a year afterwards to get pregnant again, which was fine w/ us.


answers from Wichita on

I do not have any experience with Implanon. However, I do have experience with the depo shot. My experience with the depo shot was that I gained and gained and gained weight. I had my first shot at my 6 week check up. Three months later I had the second shot. I was due for the third shot around New Years (this year), but opted to not get another shot due to the amount of weight I had already gained (at a time when I was trying to LOSE the baby weight). I have been off any kind of BC since then and just finally got my period back at the beginning of August. I'm still 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight in spite of diet changes and exercising more. I exclusively BF my daughter for about 13 months, and this did not help me any (I also exclusively BF my son for about 12-13 months and dropped all of the weight fairly quickly...the only difference was NO depo shot).

I would look into the side effects of Implanon and see what hormones are in it. Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Everyone is different, so it's not easy to compare medication response. I've seen folks with milk supply issues after Mirena so I'm guessing the same is possible with any implanted hormonal contraceptive even if the ob says it should be fine. I'd recommend the mini pill since it can be easily stopped should you notice any affect on your milk supply. Although it doesn't work primarily on ovulation, when combined with the lactation induced amenorrhea you get with breastfeeding, it's a pretty effective combination.

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