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Updated on March 09, 2007
J.M. asks from Southbury, CT
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I recently had surgery on my R foot, I was told I could go right home and breastfeed. I did and did not have any feeding/producing issues. I went in for my second surgery on my L foot (this was 2 months later), I was given almost twice as much anesthesia as I was the first time, and I was told I had to go home and "pump and dump". Now after this surgery I am having trouble producing breastmilk.
Prior to my surgery I would breastfeed her in the morning, and then pump approximatly 7 oz 3 times a day and bottle feed her, and then breastfeed her again at bed time. Since surgery I tried feeding her and not pumping, well we have been attached at the breast, and I tried resuming my pumping schedule and I can only get 2 or 3 oz at a time. I drink lactation tea, I eat plenty of oatmeal, drink a lot of fluids, and eat well. I am considering calling the Dr. to try some lactation drugs. Supplimenting with formula or anything else is not an option, my munchkin is 3 months old and even if it kills me she is getting breastfed until she is at least a year old!
SO, has anyone had any experience with this? I heard about depression being a major side effect, however I have never had an issue with depression, so I am not worried about that so much. I am more concerned about how it actually raises supply, and what happens when I stop taking it. Also I would like to add, my daughter has a short frenulum (she's tounge tied) and it makes extended feedings painful, otherwise I might be more open to the "nurse in" ideas..

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So What Happened?

Well I have pumped for the past month and a half daily with the baby, so I used that as a guage for how much milk I should be producing, when after the surgery my milk was down to 5-6oz total for the day, I knew there was a problem, when it should be at least 25oz. I went to GNC and purchased Fenugreek, after the first 24 hours I already notice a difference. Thanks for all the input!

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I've had major supply issues all along.. I truly just do not make enough breastmilk. This kid is on my boob every 1-2 hrs and he's 5 1/2 months old. Our nursing sessions last anywhere from a few minutes each side to a good 20mins total-- but I still have issues, and seriously.. when people say "oh well can you fit in some pumping time?" Um no.. not when I'm already feeding the kid every 1-2 hrs. I do not have the time to sit there with a pump, --a hand pump at that, pump, put it away, clean it-- and then what? go right back to breastfeeding? I don't think so. I've been there done that and all it does is make it so theres that much less breast milk for his next feeding.

What works for me (although I still have to give him two bottles a day.. but it was THREE when I first started this) was taking Fenugreek and Holy Thistle. Taking Fenugreek alone make work for you, but when I talked to my LC and went through EVERYTHING I had been trying (and she told me I knew what I was doing) she sugggested the Fenugreek, but told me that (some doc based in Toronoto..can't remember his name) it was recommended to take Holy Thistle with it.

I hate swallowing so many darn pills though-- so I found something else. "LACTATION" its herbs mascerated in apple cider vinegar, and you put 3-7 drops in a glass of water and its equal to having a cup of tea-- for the first time ever I woke up with big full boobies. I only take the lowest dose possible of 3 drops 3 times a day-- but you can take up to 30 drops a day.

Email me if you want the website to order it. Its based in Canada and somewhat pricey-- about $18 total (thats including shipping)-- but jeez.. for me well worth it and I've been using it for about a week now (and already able to cut a full bottle out of the day)

Good luck!!!!

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If your daughter has a short frenulum, it can be really hard for her to extend her tongue deep enough into the breast tissue to get good milk flow. Good milk flow = increased supply! You might consider having the frenulum snipped... that is usually my recommendation in the first week or so after birth! Email me privately and I can refer you to a Breastfeeding Specialist who might be able to help you!

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What makes you feel that you're having supply issues? Is it just by the amount of milk that you pump or has the baby had a decrease in dirty diapers or lost any weight? Pumping is never a good indication of your milk supply. A baby is much more efficient at getting milk out than a pump.

However, if you feel there's a real supply issue keep drinking lots of water, eating oatmeal and try taking Fenugreek. Whenever you can, have extended nursing sessions and pump. Definitely do NOT supplement with formula that is the worst thing you can do for your supply. Also, contact a lactation consultation or your local LLL. If you are having serious supply issues they may suggest a supplemental nursing system (sns) or reglan.

Good Luck.



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Is there a reason why your pumping? Are you going back to work and you need to get your body into a schedule? If not, just straight breastfeed her until you get back on track. Honestly, the pump does not work as well as your baby does and once I went back to work and was pumping my milk production went way down. The pumps just aren't as productive as a baby. It's a different kind of sucking and it's not as efficent. I started out pumping close to 10 oz when I came back to work and within 2 mos was down to maybe 3.

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