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Home Birth Mamas? Any Suggestions?

T.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I am one month away from my due date, and looking forward to our home birth. Please share with me your experiences, and give me any advice you have that m...


Natural Birth

L.L. asks from Benton Harbor

Looking for tips and encouragement for a natural birth experiance with my second child. I had an epidural with my 1st which went fine but I am really interested in n...


Good Birth Stories

L.H. asks from Savannah

Good afternoon Ladies, I'm looking for other mothers who have had great birth experiences who would like to share. I am delivering my baby in a few weeks and altho...


Embarrassing Birth Question

D.M. asks from Washington DC

I am contemplating trying for a VBA2C when/if I get pregnant again and I have been doing alot of research and talking to my husband about what that would entail. He j...


Work from Home

L.F. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if there are any jobs that I can do from my home. Does any one have suggestions?


Did You Write a Birth Plan, What Did You Include and Was It Followed?

E.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am in the process of writing my birth plan. Just out of curiousity I would like to know if you wrote one, what did you include in it and if it was followed through....


Weight Loss Immediately After Giving Birth

S.L. asks from El Paso

I am a first-time Mom, 28 weeks along. Im having a hard time adjusting to my new body and want to know what it will be like after I give birth. Im curious to find out...


Child Birth

K.F. asks from Richmond

I am due November 8th with my first child. I have been told that there are many different things that i need to pack up in the bag to take to the hospital. I was just...


Interested in Hearing from Some Mamas About Their Birth Experiences!

B.E. asks from Dallas

I am a childbirth educator and I am calling for some feedback on your births. More specifically about your relationship with your MD and or Midwife regarding such th...


Birth Plan and What to Have Ready to Take to the Hospital for the Delivery

P.P. asks from Dallas

What to take??? I'm seven months along and I have to still get a backpack ready with all the stuff I will need during my stay at the hospital. this is my second baby ...