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Cloth Diapering

J.F. asks from Lansing

I have a 7mo old that has been in disposables since birth and am considering switching her to cloth. Of course I am clueless in this area. I would like any suggesti...


What Is Your Favorite Cloth Diaper???

E.B. asks from Seattle

So I am taking the plung into all green baby'ing. I purchased the other day a Wholefoods the starter kit for the G cloth diapers. Now I am overwhelmed. In my Mother...


Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Diapers

J.A. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies, I am looking for information regarding cloth diaper systems. Are they more ecconomical than disposables. Which ones have you tried and liked or disliked...


Cloth Diapers

K.H. asks from Dallas

i am considering changing to cloth diapers, i am doing this bc i think in the long run it will cost me less & is more environmentally friendly. what kind of cloth di...


Cloth Diapers

L.G. asks from Houston

We are due with our first child in Oct 2011 and are thinking about cloth diapering. I have looked a little bit online, but the information seems overwhelming! Can any...


Cloth Diapering Advice

K.O. asks from Portland

I would like to start using cloth diapers for my 9 week old daughter and I am so confused by the options out there. I would like to use prefolds as they seem like th...


Need Specific Advice on Cloth Diapers

W.B. asks from Chicago

I'm expecting my second child any day now. I'd really like to give cloth diapers another try but I feel completely baffled and overwhelmed trying to sort through all...


Info on Cloth Diapers

S.P. asks from Austin

okay...so i'm thinking about cloth diapers to save money and the environment. i don't know which are the best to use. there are so many options. i have a 2 year ol...


Cloth Diapering

A.M. asks from Pueblo

I am looking into cloth diapers for my twins, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a specific brand and how they like using them. Do you feel it take...


Cloth Diapers

D.J. asks from Seattle

My two-year old and now my 3-month old both have bad diaper rashes that have not gone away and I have learned that they are reacting to the chemicals found in disposa...