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Birth Control over Getting Tubes Tied!!

K.C. asks from Columbus

I have a 10 year old son and am pregnant with my second due in 7 weeks. I have been planning on having my tubes tied after this one. But my dr keeps trying to suggest...


Need OBGYN Who Delivers at Harris

A.D. asks from Dallas

I am new to Fort Worth and just found out I am pregnant. I would like to deliver at Harris Hospital (in the hospital district). Any OBGYN recommendations would be gre...


Baby Slings

J.A. asks from Dallas

I never used a sling for my daughter but they seem to be pretty popular now and they look convenient. Does anyone have any suggestions? Which have you used and real...


Help with Infant Carrier!

H.B. asks from Evansville

Oka, with my first child I purchased the Evenflo Snugle Comfort Vent soft carrier. I carried him around in this all the time. Never any problems. My 4 month old is...


Great Grandma Just Passed, How Do I Tell 5 and 3 Year Old?

H.M. asks from San Francisco

My grandmother (kids great grandmother) just passed away yesterday and I've not told my children yet. I'm just having a hard time even getting the words out. We see h...