First Time Water Birth

Updated on October 03, 2014
A.B. asks from Simpsonville, SC
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I am 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and we are planning a hospital water birth. I have had a natural birth without meds with my 2nd but never a water birth. I have a few questions. What do I need to pack for a water birth? Also for those of you who have done this before what should I expect as far as any sort of pain relief from water? None, mild, moderate, etc. anything else you wish you had known or you think is important for me to know? Thanks ladies!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Aren't you working with someone, a doctor, midwife or doula? These are questions that should be addressed at your prenatal appointments.
I hope you are getting good care and not just planning to walk in while in labor, not knowing what to expect.
Please go over all of this with whoever is helping you deliver your baby, they know your health and particular needs better than anyone online does!

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answers from Chicago on

Water is amazing! I had two out of my three in a tub-at home. I labored with my first in a tub, but they wouldn't let me have her in the water. I used the water through transition with my second, and it really helped. With my last, I was only in the water for 15 minutes. It will help with the burning during the pushing phase. I highly recommend getting on your knees. The tub should have some gribs on the top of it so you can position like that. Super easy!

You don't need anything different than usual. Something to pull your hair back, blistex, water.

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answers from San Diego on

My third was a planned water birth. I got a large sports bra to wear when in the water. You could also wear a tshirt or a swim top or nothing at all if that is what you are comfortable. I don't know if the hospital you're going to allows your husband to get in the tub with you but if they do he'll need a swim trunk. You'll want a dry change of clothes for after, maybe more than 1 if you get in and out more than once. Where I went they had towels, I would assume they would where you're going as that's pretty standard.
Being in the tub was absolutely wonderful! I wish I had been able to stay in it through to birth but I had to get out near the very end. I have a knee condition and no matter what I did I could not get comfortable near the very end of labor, going into birth and my knee gave out. I ended up getting out and laboring the last bit in bed where she was born. It made transition so much easier though being in the water! I barely noticed it, unlike with my other 2.
I would choose a water birth again in a heartbeat if I ever did this again!



answers from Atlanta on

My daughter had a water birth with her first little one at home. Her doula made her stand up during one contraction to compare and my daughter said that the water cut the pain in half. I will tell you it was the most beautiful, peaceful (not painless) birth I have ever seen. The baby was born in the water and never cried...

Congratulations on your little one!




answers from Denver on

I had my second in the water. I loved it! I felt like the water gave moderate pain relief during contractions. I tried labor both out and in the water and felt much more comfortable in. I pushed in the water only so I can't compare pain levels with pushing out of the water. I packed the top piece of a two piece suit to wear in the water, more for physical comfort than modesty reasons. I have larger breasts and especially when pregnant I like them supported. I also packed a large towel but didn't use it. My hospital had plenty of towels. Other than that, I just packed the normal stuff you see in all the "what to bring to the hospital" articles.



answers from Santa Barbara on

Yes, the water helps with pain relief while in contracting. Since you never took meds for the past deliveries, i would think you would notice a great improvement in pain relief.

Did you get in the bath during the beginning labor with the first 2?

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