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4 Year Old Son with Allergies/asthma

T.S. asks from Phoenix

My 4 year old son was recently diagosed with allergies associated with asthma. He gets a persistant cough this time of year and in the fall. The cough sometimes caus...


Treatment for Allergies and Mild Asthma

T.L. asks from Rochester

Hello Everyone. I really need some advice on what to do for my 6 year old son. First a little background: he was born with severe acid reflux and was on Zantac syru...


Fl Disablity for a Child with Asthma How Does It Work and Should I Apply?

B.J. asks from Miami

ok my daughter is 6 years old, since she was born shes been in and out of the hospital with breathing problems (shes asthmatic) she was just officially diagnosed with...


Eczema/allergy Help

L.H. asks from Dallas

Help! My 7 year old has had eczema since she was an infant. We had hoped she would grow out of it but it seems to be getting worse. We've seen an allergist several...


Dear Dog

B.W. asks from Minneapolis

So, I have a delima with our dog...She's a sweet, 9 year old Beagle that wouldn't hurt a fly but yet I have grown to dislike her more and more every day. First of al...


Drastic, Sudden Change in 7 Year Old Hearing - Possibly Allergies?

K.H. asks from Los Angeles

My 7 year old's hearing has drastically worsened in the last month. She took a hearning test at school in September and her results were perfect. About 3 weeks ago ...


Sick Baby! Really Need Help! Advice!!!

C.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi, I have an 11 month old girl who for the past three weeks has been suffering from some type of sickness. I have taken her to her pediatrician 4 times in the past t...


Allergy/Sinus Help!

K.J. asks from Wilmington

This is a long story but I will try to summarize it as much as possible. My 22mth old son has been suffering from allergy/sinus problems (cough, runny nose, watery e...


Need Advice on Ears, Allergies and Teething

E.S. asks from Houston

My now 1 year old daughter has been battling allergies since she was 6 weeks old. We have tried Zyrtec and now Singulair and nothing has improved. She has had 8 ear...


Question About Excema and Allergies

B.B. asks from Rochester

My 3 year old daughter has had excema and allergies since birth. They both get pretty bad, especially right now. I am planning to take her to an allergy specialist. H...