Home Birth: First Years

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What Do You Think About Home Births?

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

im not really asking for advice im more curious on the opinion about this subject since its an interesting one. i have been having some conversations with a friend ab...


A Question for All the Homebirth/natural Birth Moms

L.K. asks from Austin

So I know I am in the minority and the majority of mainstream mothers have one or all of the following- ultraounds at every prenatal visit, scheduled inductions, epid...


Wondering How Other Stay at Home Mothers Came to Their Decision

F.M. asks from Springfield

I am wondering how other stay at home mothers came to their decision to do so. I never really discussed it with other mothers because it is an honor to be able to do...


Stay at Home or Go Back to Work???

J.S. asks from Syracuse

Any advice would be very appreciated. I am due for my 3rd child on December 25th!!!! I have a 9 year old and 5 year old from a previous marriage. My fiance and I have...


Dr. Lauras New Book Urging Moms to Choose to Stay at Home

T.W. asks from Johnson City

What do you ladies think about Dr. Laura's new book talking about moms choosing to stay at home. What were some of the reasons you chose to work or stay at home. Wh...


Books to Read Once They Are Born

C.D. asks from New York

Hello all! I have been reading books on pregnancy- now I am looking for any recommendations on once the child is born..what to do! FIrst months, or first years.... Pl...


Did You Take Birthing Classes?

K.S. asks from Charlotte

My husband and I are debating taking birthing classes. I have read a lot about the labor, delivery, and birth. I would love to hear from anyone that had a vaginal bi...


What Are Some Good Books?

A.P. asks from Provo

I am 32 having my first child in May. I have decided to have an epidural and I would like to breast feed. Does anyone have any suggestions on reading material to know...


When Will He Be Ready to Have Children?

S.S. asks from El Paso

Well my name S. and im 20 my husband is 23 we have been married for 11 months we are going on our one year anniversary. We are both in the military and have a little ...


Telling My Adult Daughter That I Took Custody of Her Son

B.K. asks from Tulsa

i have just taken custody of my 9 mo. old grandson. he has been in our home all but 3 1/2 months. from birth to 4 1/2 mo. he lived w/my husband and i so my daughter c...