Any Home Birth Mamas?

Updated on June 24, 2011
C.J. asks from Lancaster, PA
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Hi, all! I'm just curious to hear from Mamas who home birthed, assisted or unassisted?

My firstborn was at a birthing center with a midwife. The rest of them have all been born at home. Our last two babies were born unassisted at home, just me, my husband, my mother and our other children.

This one will be an unassisted home birth, as well. We have become very comfortable with it, and love the intimacy and joy we receive from it. Of COURSE we have backup plans, and midwives on call, and hospitals we'll go to if anything happens. This is the right choice for us and I can't imagine doing it any other way from here on out.

I love the peace of it, the way my family gets to help. When my 19 month old was born, my eldest son cut the cord. He was so in AWE of that, even though he had been present at all his other siblings births. My soon-to-be 5 year old is already talking about how she wants to "wwap da baby dawling up aww nice and snug!". My 9 year old daughter plans to be in charge of taking care of me; bringing me food or walking around with me. They're all very excited! :)

So, yes, just curious to hear from you all??

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So What Happened?

Oh, everyone, I am so sorry I never updated! Six kids, a farm full of animals and being pregnant (with TWINS!) has just taken me to a point where I'm just not on the computer much right now!

To Rachel H, especially, I feel bad for not updating, because you specifically asked for more info! I had meant to do so, though I doubt you'll see or catch up on this now, here goes:

Yes, I have read several midwifery textbooks. Those that come to mind are Holistic Midwifery (vol. 1 and 2), Varney's Midwifery, Hearts and Hands and Birth Matters. I've already read several books on home births: Home Birth: A Practical Guide, Active Birth : The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally and The Home Birth Advantage. My husband has read most of the above books, and he also has a wonderful book titled The Father's Home Birth Handbook.

Beyond the books I've read, I've taken a few midwifery classes, as well. Not enough that I'm certified, but they've been a great help. Shoulder dystocia occurs in only 0.5%-0.6% of all births. Not to say that I shouldn't be concerned that it's a possibility, because it obviously is, but I have done the research on it and know "what I'm getting into". :)

I've attended many, many births; hospital, birthing center, and home. My friends all call on me to be their doula, and/or birth assistant. Just this year alone I've been at six births.

I hope this answers your questions, though feel free to ask any more if you're still concerned! I've done a lot of explaining (mostly to hubby's family) why we've made this choice, and I don't mind talking about it at all!

Thank you to everyone who answered. I am truly blessed to be able to experience the wonder of birth again. Thank you!

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answers from Seattle on

If I were ever to be pregnant again, I would do a home birth. Preferably assisted.

I think the hospital is great, but I think I would be more comfortable to go it at home.

I say this and yet I think I still would end up at the hospital...even with all the hope in the world of doing it at home:)

Thank Goodness my tubes are tied:)

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answers from Phoenix on

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm happy you have been blessed with six healthy deliveries . Please know that the more pregnancies we have and the older we become the risk of uncontrolled bleeding from the uterus after delivery rises. The uterus sometimes is slower to contract and control normal bleeding after delivery when it has been pregnant many times. I encourage you to consider having a midwife attend this next birth. Bleeding is very serious and if not stopped in 4 minutes or less, it is likely to result in death for the mother. As a midwife I have experienced postpartum hemmorrhage that almost claimed the life of a dear missionary's wife. Had we not been able to act quickly and help her uterus contract she would have died leaving a husband and 2 small children. I'm not trying to scare you or anyone else, just encourage you think about your risks and how you will deal with unforeseen circumstances should they arise. Blessings to you and yours.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, me! Both of my sons were born at home with a midwife, and barring any unexpected issues, our 3rd will be born at home in August.

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answers from Boston on

I'm a free-standing birth center birther, not a home birther. When I saw the list of things to do (cover bed with plastic and extra set of sheets) I said, no thanks! I wonder if you could share more info in your "what happened next" just because I'm curious and have a few concerns. Please don't take offense; I'm just a nervous nelly.
I can see that you have "assistants," (your family) but why not a quiet, sitting in the corner, observant midwife? The family could still be actively involved, with the right midwife. I know that birth is generally not a medical event, I get all that. Have you read Hearts And Hands, or any other type of midwifery text or resource book? While the most serious complications are uncommon, they are also quite serious and require prompt decision making and care. I know some others have mentioned hemorrhage, but what about shoulder dystocia? A child, spouse or parent will not be able to deal with that, and a midwife will probably not get there in time, even if she's right next door, because chances are you won't even recognize it until it's become a real problem. Perhaps you have done the reading and research, and in that case, of course, it's your informed decision. If you haven't done much in the way of reading and research, I would just encourage you to do so. I'm saying this as a nurse, not as a judgmental mamasource mom. This decision is yours but it MUST be well informed, for your sake and the health of your precious baby. Midwives exist for a reason, and a good midwife will not detract at all from the wonderful family experience you have planned. Just food for thought! Best of luck, and congratulations.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Congrats to you and your family - how wonderful!

Did you catch the Duggar's episode last night where Anna Duggar gave birth to her 2nd child at home?

Wishing you all the best.

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answers from Chicago on

I just had my first homebirth with my 3rd baby. I can not express the full extent of how joyful, relaxing it was and the true immediate connection I felt with her. As it was my second's birthday yesterday, I reflected on his hospital birth and while I was much more educated and aware of how I wanted to birth for his than my first, I quickly realized that the hospital was going to keep me in my bed with one excuse after another until I got to the point where I wasn't comfortable trying to get out of the bed while contracting. While I was assisted with a doula and a nurse (eventually a midwife - I went so fast she wasn't there when the baby was delivered) I LOVED the freedom to as was natural for me. I was able to go anywhere and get in any position that my body naturally told me would help me cope and get that baby moving down. WITHOUT a question when I have baby number 4 he/she will be at home. I am just saddened that my wonderful midwife will be in Canada practicing due to the ever increasing regulations and barriers she faces in the States. Congrats to all those with homebirths and to those trying for the first to 10th time in the coming months.

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answers from Chicago on

I was blessed enough to be at my friend's 5th child's birth and the 4th one at home. It was such an amazing experience. They did use a home birthing service that has nurses and OBs, but it was very gentle.

I did a hospital birth with a midwife, but if I could have had her come to my house I would have. I did have complications with the delivery and was thankful that she was there otherwise I probably would have lost my daughter to the cord.

You have an amazing story and seem to feel very comfortable doing it at home yourself. Hopefully you are very close to medical attention if needed, but you seem to be an experienced mama! Congrats and enjoy baby #7!

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answers from Lancaster on

yes all 4 of mine were home birth <3 all with the same great midwife and if we have more we will have them at home too

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answers from Tampa on

More power to the Moms who have unassisted births!! I will be having my 2nd birth, first home birth and will have a Midwife there. It would take a lot of births at home before I'd personally feel comfortable going it alone.

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answers from Gainesville on

Wow that is an amazing story. Although I had all my kids without and medication i am too much of a scardey cat to have births at home with no midwife - (actually i had all my birth's in hospital - which they can be very intrusive but I made sure i really liked all the OB's i had!)

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answers from Dallas on

I asked the same thing last night after watching anna duggar. I got about 7 replies if you wanta check it out!


answers from Pittsburgh on

I watched my sister do home birth with midwife with her last 2 children - it scarred me for life, HAHA (I was 11yo and 12yo)! I have 3 friends who had home births with midwives. I think it can be an incredible experience and if I ever had an opportunity to have a risk-free pregnancy, I would definitely look into it. Good luck!

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