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4 1/2 Month Old Has Been Constipated Since Birth, Tried Just About Everything!

W.C. asks from Salt Lake City

My son has had trouble w/ bowel movements since birth. I've been supplementing with formula since his first week (since my milk never fully came in). On his pediatric...


Formulas/treatments That Work Well for Babies with Ger/acid Reflux

O.T. asks from New York

I have a 3 week old daughter that was just diagnosed with GERD/acid reflux. I am trying to get recommendations on formulas that are better tolerated by babies with GE...


Experience W/ Colic Calm Gripe Water ? Prevacid/Zantac Not Working

G.M. asks from Washington DC

My baby is 5 weeks old and was diagnosed a week ago with reflux (GER) which she's had probably since she was about 3-3.5 weeks old. She cries nonstop all day basical...


Desitin Diaper Cream

A.R. asks from Macon

I have used Aveeno diaper cream on my daughter since birth with no problems. But when she got a rash it didnt seem to do much to heal so on rashes I used Destin. Well...


Almost 5 Month Old Frequently Spitting Up

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is now almost five months old. She has been spitting up frequently ever since birth. We started out breast feeding until 3-1/2 months old and she is now ...


5 Year Old Having Accidents in His Underwear and Not Telling Anyone.

R.H. asks from Philadelphia

My son is 5 years old on 1/31. He just started to have fart stain accidents in his underwear. He's been on Miralax since he was born to help regulate his bowel move...


Terrible Rash, Please Help!

C.T. asks from Cleveland

Dear Moms, My almost 6 month-old baby girl have never had a rash before, but now it started and it is terribly strong! I have being introducing her to new foods and ...


My Own How to Book....

C.M. asks from Boston

So I am looking for home remedies and helpful tips that you as a mom picked up alnong the way. Things that the doctors may have not suggested. Things you have learned...


21 Day Old with Possible Pyloric stenosis...mama Is Going Crazy Calming Her.

D.D. asks from Pittsburgh

My friends baby is 21 days old and has been vomiting and diarrhea. She cries from the moment she gets up, and during her sleep. She went to her pediatrition he sent h...


Baby's Poo Burned Her Bottom :(

K.J. asks from Orlando

My 15month old daughter had a poo that burned her bottom so badly there are even 2 small spots where the skin is a little broken from blistering. Has anyone experienc...