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Updated on May 02, 2010
M.M. asks from Montclair, NJ
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Just found out our Ellis Simplicity crib has been recalled. The manufact. is out of business. We have to take the thing back to Target and receive a refund, credit or replacement. Our son is too young to move to a toddler bed. Any crib recommendations? We need to get a new one pronto. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for the quick replies. We ended up going with the DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 crib on Amazon. Rated high on Consumer Reports. Other reviews say that it's easy to assemble. Hope so! Next time I will have to consider Buy Buy Baby. I've always heard good things. Again, thanks for the help on this!

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answers from St. Louis on

I suggest you go online and read reviews on the various cribs. So many of them have recently been recalled. I wish I had one to recommend, but I don't. Good luck!!




answers from New York on

Buy Buy Baby has many crib models but one in particular, the Lajobi/ Bonavita Classic Crib "Hudson" stands out for its solid construction, excellent quality finish, affordable price ($330) and high ratings in the book Baby Bargains. The model number is ###-###-#### and comes in white, although they have other colors available. Delivery took about a month.

This particular crib transitions into a toddler bed with a Lajobi/ Bonavita Hudson Classic guard rail (model ###-###-####), which sells for $59.99.

The design of the crib is classical type, with three adjustable levels for the mattress, with stationary sides of equal height so you can install a crib tent if you wish, to keep your baby from jumping out when they're older and/or keep pets and older siblings out.

The classic Bonavita cribs are not the Lifetime type which have uneven sides (to convert to a full bed) which a baby is more likely to climb out of and on which you cannot install a crib tent. If you like these, however, Bonavita also has these models:

If you are on their mailing list and have a coupon from Buy Buy Baby (they send one every three months) you can get an additional 20% off.

For the matress, Baby Bargains recommends choosing a foam mattress over a spring coil one, as they are just as good and much lighter, a huge plus if you have to change sheets in the middle of the night. Buy Buy Baby sells an excellent two-sided matress (one firmer side for infants & other side for toddlers) made by Colgate.

Buy Buy Baby is an especially good place for buying cribs because their delivery is usually faster than other stores ($75) and they assemble the crib at your home for a nominal charge ($25). If there is a problem when it's delivered, they will replace it ASAP - we had a special order glider from them that had a small scratch and they let us keep it while a new one in perfect condition was delivered.

Baby Bargains goes into more detail but stay away from Babies R Us which tends to carry cribs of inferior quality. Specialized or online stores also are not as flexible with exchanges if there's a problem.

For matress protectors, there are several on the market. I've found a simple zippered vinyl one sold at Babies R' Us. The Gerber crib sheets (also at Babies R Us) are also the among the safest, highest rated and best quality sheets sold today, with sturdy elastic all around to keep the sheet in place.



answers from New York on

It's not fancy, but we love our crib. Google lollipop crib and I think you will see it online. Buy Buy Baby is where we bought ours. It's very simple, but... turns into a toddler bed and is only about $300. Then you only need to buy a bed one more time for him!
Good luck.



answers from Rochester on

Koala makes a good one. Expensive though. Babies R us has a better selection I've found. although we got our first dud there, and they too have their problems (just be sure to ASK if they are testing models out before your order - by the time we got ours, it was MONTHS later after the recall).

Good luck,

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