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Photos Printed as "Yearbooks" and Online Journaling

G.S. asks from Austin

OK moms, I want to do better with organizing and printing my photos and memories this year. Crafty scrapbooking is not for me, I've learned, because I just don't have...


Selling/donating Cribs

M.N. asks from Dallas

I have 2 beautiful Simplicity convertible cribs. I'd like to sell them, as my twins have outgrown them. But, since the crib standards and laws have changed over the...


Is It Me or Is Online Bill Paying Harder than Writing Checks?

A.J. asks from Williamsport

After years of procrastination and intimidation I finally set up our bills to be paid online-the ones that could be anyway. The first few months were rocky but I f...


Should We Have 3?

L.E. asks from San Francisco

I know it's crazy to put on a blog-- but my husband and I are concerned of what three kids might mean to our lifestyle and budget and yet we are wondering if there is...


New to Autism

N.B. asks from Austin

My daughter has recently been diagnosed by her pedia with a mild form of Autism. This does explain all of the developmental delays I have been experiencing with her. ...


Behavior Issues in 6 Year Old Girl, Disrespect, Drama, Yelling

J.M. asks from Seattle

I am a little afraid to ask this question, having just read a ton of judgemental comments responding to a mom who blogged about a chaotic trip to a restaurant, but he...


Invited to B-day Party for 4 Kids

P.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi! We were invited to a birthday party for 4 siblings ranging from 13-8 years old. I only know 2 of the children (they were in my Sunday School class), and my dau...


Another H1N1 Question

T.G. asks from Chicago

I noticed on some responses about H1N1 that some people say they have had it. I was wondering what your symptoms were, how quickly the flu came on, how long it laste...


New Modern Cloth Diapers - So Many Choices! Any Success Stories?

C.F. asks from Dallas

I'm about to have my 6th baby and I should have this diaper thing down, right?! :) Well, I keep seeing all these ads for the new modern cloth diapers and I'm curiou...


2.5Yo Discipline?

M.M. asks from Chicago

My 2.5 is a holy terror. He's a very sweet little guy with a huge personality. Unfortunately he's also VERY inquisitive and has NO fear at all. I've tried 123 Magic,...