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Baby Gear Advice

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me advice on the newest baby gear. I gave most of my baby gear away 6 months ago(after my 4th child). Now surprise...I am expecting one more. CRAZY!!! I was wondering about baby slings,stollers,and car seats. I need anything that is going to make my crazy life easier. I will have 5 children under 8. I had every peg perego product but was wondering if something was better. Is the bugaboo worth getting? I currently have a combi,a single peg, a double peg and a double mcclaren. I loved...


My Baby Gear

In having twins, I have found I have double everything in the way of baby...

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18 Year Old Daughter

Hi, My 18 year old daughter is sleeping overnight with a boyfriend. I have told her that this is not acceptable to me and that it is definetly not ladylike. She told me she would not do it again. Then she turns around and says shes going for a little whild and I call at 4:45 am and she answers the phone(which she did not do before) sleepy like and tells me she is on her way. I tell her what is the point at this time of the morning and that she should have taken her clothes with her. I told her she could not be a tramp around me and...


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Teen Cell Phone Vs. No Cell Phone

I have yet to see something about taking a stand against cell phones. My son has been asking, actually begging me to get him one (he is 16). We have gone round and round on the issue. He poses a very good argument as do I. I need some additional insight as to why he should and should not have one. He is a “good” teen as much as I can tell but I worry about the TEXTING that gets out of control, the phone calls in the middle of the night or alone in his bedroom, who is calling and how long or often is he chatting with a girl or his...


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18 Year Old Daughter Moved Out Yesterday...DEVASTATED!

New to this forum. My 18 year old daughter moved out of our house yesterday, unexpectedly, and in with her boyfriend, whom we don't like, at all. He's 18 and a high school dropout. They've been dating for over a year. Since she met him, our family has been in constant turmoil. They've broken rules over and over, again. At this point, we don't trust either one of them. He's controlling, manipulative, and verbally abusive. We have tried to get her to see the light, but she turned 18 on Saturday and wants to do her own thing, rather than...