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Christening Dress

V.H. asks from Chicago

Hello - I'm looking for a dress my daughter will wear to her baptism in a few weeks. She will be 3 months old at the time. I don't want to spend too much money (...


Baptism / Christening ... Almost 2 Yo

K.C. asks from Washington DC

We're in the midst of finalizing adoption of our foster child. It's scheduled for mid-October and we have scheduled baptism for early November. I've spent the better ...


Christening Outfit for Boys

V.T. asks from Washington DC

We are finally getting our boys baptized in July. They wear size 18 months so it's a little harder to find christening outfits for them. I'm not opposed to an outfi...


Baptism Questions

N.O. asks from Chicago

Hello, I'm looking for creative gift ideas on what to give our daughter's God Parents for her Baptism. We're also looking for a good place to buy our daughter'...


Christening Gift for Goddaughter

M.D. asks from New York

My husband is the godfather to his cousins daughter. He wanted to buy something special for her christening. But, we found out that the godmother already bought a cro...



S.B. asks from Minneapolis

My son's baptism is comming up and I was just wondering if anyone had a few ideas for gifts? I want to get him something memorable, and also something for his god par...


Do You Ever Want to Wear Your Wedding Dress?

M.. asks from Detroit

I know this is kind of silly, but my wedding anniversary is coming up and for some reason I have been thinking about my wedding dress. Its stored at my parents house...



K.R. asks from Dayton

My husband and I are getting our baby baptized and are having family over after the ceremony for a celebration. I have never been to a baptism before. I know there ...


Christening Favors - Practical Ideas???

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies: We have some time before its set to happen, but I need help brainstorming on this one. I want to buy/make christening favors for our littleboy's big day. ...



A.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I hope you all can help me with this. My two sons, ages 1 and 2, and I will be getting baptized soon at an Anglican (think Episcopal) Church. I haven't a ...