Baby Gear and Probably Done (With Uncertainy)... What to Do with It

Updated on August 25, 2011
S.!. asks from Boulder, CO
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We think we are 90% sure we are done having kids. It makes me sad thinking this b/c there is that 10% of me that is not sure we are completley done. I LOVE kids and could see having a huge family, but at the same time I am content with the family we have. I am tired of the swing, bouncy seat and other bulky baby gear being in the basement and just sitting there taking up room. I would love to go ahead and just get rid of it, but it just saddens me too. Last time we sold all our baby gear I was pregnant within 5 months. If I have this 10% feeling of not being done do you think we should hold onto this gear a little bit longer? Or should I just take the attitude that it is just sitting there collecting dust and it is time to let it go. And IF... and I mean IF....we have another we could just purchase new (again!). Ugh... I hate the feeling of uncertainy.


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answers from Detroit on

KEEP IT!! I just had my 3rd and had to buy everything again! Unless you have done something permanent to not get pregnant there is always a chance.
When you are 150% sure and cannot get pregnant, get rid of it. :)

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answers from Phoenix on

I had been purging but had just finished cleaning out all our baby things , not a year before I became pregnant with our 3rd and a 7 yr gap ( long story that I won't get into). We ended up barrowing all the big , bulkey items that don't get used that long. We also realized after having 2 kids already that you really don't need that much stuff. We have 3 kids & with each kid , they have less & less. Our youngest (18 mos) has 1 small toy box of toys & a couple stand up toys, 3 small drawers of clothes. Our other 2 boys had so much stuff, it was overwhelming. I really don't regret getting rid of most things. I kept my favorite items, so I did have a few things that i'm glad we could pass down but other than that , I was fine with borrowing & it was nice that when we were done with the item we could give it right back and not have to deal with having to make the decision of what we were going to do with it.

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answers from Cleveland on

I know how you feel!
I have 2 right now, and a whole pile of baby gear sitting in our spare room annoying me. It isn't in the basement yet, because we seriously have to clean the basement and make sure it is 100% dry.
Anyway, My b/f keeps saying he is 100% done with having kids. That 2 is all he ever wanted. I honestly can't say for SURE that I am done. I'm almost 26. I feel like that is far too young to decide to stop 100%. I honestly want one more, not NOW, but maybe in few years.
Thing that really stinks is that I don't think I could see myself having another one unless our income changes. It's already getting hard to afford things for a 3y/o and a 1 y/o. And I know it is only going to get more expensive.
I personally, plan on keeping the baby stuff I have. Even though it is driving me nuts :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I kept it in the attic and am giving some of it to my sister. I could ONLY give it to my sister, with the option to get it back if we had another baby.

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answers from Detroit on

I struggle with this too! I've loaned some of it to a VERY close friend with the caveat that when she is done with it she returns it "just in case." I just put the rest in a spot in the basement where it isn't in the way!

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answers from St. Louis on

I go through this ALL the time!

I say sell it and buy again if you decide to have another. That is what we have done each time, and we never regret it. We usually want something different after all those years anyway. And, if you sell it for a decent price, you can set that money aside for purchase toward the next - if there is a next! And with ebay, craiglist, etc - you may even make a profit selling and rebuying!


answers from New York on

We kept everything also. But I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with a boy this time. My cousin is having a girl. Her due date is 1 week before mine. So I went through everything that was for a girl and gave it to her. I know that it will go to good use and I don't expect for her to give it back to me. I gave her everything that I cannot use or didn't like to use. We had a swing and it was bulky and I didn't have the room for it. My mom kept alot of her pink stuff. Like the infant carseat. I don't care if our son uses a pink carseat. He will hardly be in it anyway. She just has it just in case she has to take them somewhere. She also has a pink umbrella stroller which she kept so that my daughter can push her dolls around in it. I am content with having just 2 kids so I think that we are done. Like another poster said.... sell it and put the money on the side just in case. Then you can buy new stuff. If you don't have any more then divide the money between your other kids and put it in their savings account. Best of luck in your decision.

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