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My Son Has a Doll

R.H. asks from Lincoln

The last time we were at Wal Mart I told my 5 year old son he could choose a toy. He chose a baby doll that you can feed. I had my reservations, but I bought it for...


Doll Hair

K.K. asks from Erie

my daughter has a barbie and also a dora doll with the shiny nylon-ish hair. Once she uses the little hairbrush on it once, it's ruined and tangled and yucky. Is the...


Doll Play

J.E. asks from Oklahoma City

Hello. This isn't a huge issue, but I thought I'd ask for a little advice. I'm an artsy type, I like to do craft projects, paint, play with playdoh, build with lego...


The Doll Test

A.C. asks from Boston

First off let me say that I am African-American and someone who wants to instill in my children a sense of racial pride. With that said the infamous doll test has alw...


Baby Doll for 1St Birthday

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

Can anyone recommend a baby doll for a 12 month old? We have plenty of stuff animals, but wanted to try a doll. Any big hits with your young ones? Thanks!


Recommended Doll for Boy?

L.H. asks from Detroit

Do you think I should look for a boy doll for my son, or does it really matter if it's pink or boy or whatever? your thoughts?


What Makes a Good Baby Doll?

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hi! I need to buy a baby doll as a gift for a three year old. I want to spend less than $20. What makes a good baby doll? Does anyone have a three year old who has a...


Doll That Breastfeeds..... Have You Seen This?

A.R. asks from Minneapolis I came across this online, and I guess it's a doll that comes with a special top t...


Potty Training Doll

M.G. asks from Dallas

Hi mom's, my pedi reccommended using the book "Potty Training in Less Than One Day" - this book suggests that you teach your child with a doll that goes potty. I am h...


Alternative to American Girl Doll

J.S. asks from Chicago

I am looking for an alternative to an AG doll for my almost 5 year old. She doesn't know anything about AG or that they even exist, but I really want to take her down...