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Hands-On Building Toys (That Are Not Legos) Recommendations

M.P. asks from Peoria

My 7 y/o son likes to do things with his hands. Though he likes Legos, he prefers toys that allow him to use his own creativity. He plays with his Lincoln Logs and ...


Where Do All the Legos Go?

A.D. asks from Portland

My 4 yo is really getting into Legos, and I A. learning how expensive they are. There are none for sale on Craigslist, and very few on ebay that are better deals than...



P.B. asks from Chicago

Hi! We are looking into buying Legos, and I was wondering where have you found Legos at a good price? I was surprised at how expensive they are in the stores. Than...


Lego Blocks

D.K. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Mamas, At what age did you let your child move from the Duplo building blocks to regular Lego blocks? I have seen some sets that say 4+. Did you let your chil...


Do You Love Legos?

M.S. asks from Bloomington

so my 6 year old son is really into legos and is always wanting to show me his creations and play with him. i just don't get legos, and while i try my hardest to act ...


Lego Advice

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & papas- Our DS is ready to move on from DUPLO to Lego. I've never bought these, the duplos we had were a gift. Any thought or ideas for a good starter set ...


Legos Legos Legos

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

Anyone have an awesome way that they organize their kid's legos??? My son has probably 30 pounds of legos, and of course he is always dumping out whole tubs of them ...


Toy Mess!

T.M. asks from Bloomington

i was just getting frustrated about our playroom that has a train set, astronaut guys and peek a blocks and puzzle pieces and wheels all mixed together on the floor e...


Toy Problem!!

K.K. asks from Cleveland

I have a toy question. I will be the first to admit that my kids have too much! But now it is so much that it is starting to annoy me and I don't know how to stop it....


Toy Storage/Organization/Picking Up

J.P. asks from Chicago

I am constantly going crazy with picking up toys! I have 2 girls, ages 3 & 6, who LOVE to play with lots of toys at once. They mix their Little People with their pr...