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S.B. asks from Columbia

Wondering if any other moms out there have a myspace?



L.R. asks from Detroit

My 14 year old nephew has an account on Myspace and so do I. He accepted me as a friend so I can go to his site whenever. Now that my SIL knows this, she wants ...


Myspace for Teens

N.R. asks from Huntsville

My 13 year old daughter has been bugging the heck out of me to let her get a "Myspace". Her friends have them and she feels like it's a way to stay connected. She to...



K.E. asks from Phoenix

Is there anyone out there who is NOT on Facebook? I refuse to start but it almost seems like you can't not be anymore. To get certain coupons you need to "Like" a c...



C.C. asks from Washington DC

I de-friended my 18 y/o daughter today on facebook. I can’t look at her post and pretend I agree with things that are said and so to avoid it all I have called it q...



S.G. asks from Oklahoma City

I gave my 8 yr old daughter a computer, and i intend to buy her typing programs and math software to help her get advanced in school. I wasn't going to hook up intern...


Seeking Advise on Children on Myspace

N.H. asks from Jackson

I would like the opinion of a few mothers on how they feel about their children on myspace.


To Monitor or Not to Monitor Texting or MySpace

Z.S. asks from Denver

I have found software to be able to monitor what my teenager is texting or writing on MySpace. But should I? And if I do, should I tell her that I am?



L.L. asks from Orlando

I found out my ex-husband and his girlfriend set up a Facebook page for my daughter without asking me. (I am the primary custodial parent). It has her full name, city...


Myspace Question Regarding My Teenager

T.H. asks from Killeen

Hi Everyone! I have a question for all of you SMART Computer people. My 15 year old has finally convinced her dad to release the "leash" LOL. She told him las...