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Toddler Slippers with a Gripper Bottom

F.R. asks from Milwaukee

Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy some slippers for my 2 year old, but I want ones that have a gripper bottom to prevent her from slipping on hard wood floors. I saw...


Vet and Booties

K.N. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a vet referral in Schaumburg and I am concerned about the salt (or whatever it is they put on the roads to melt the ice) on my dogs paws, so I wonder...



J.G. asks from Chicago

Hubby and I don't really exchange gifts. I usually buy him an expensive bottle of scotch, and leave it at that. We do both need quality slippers. I bought us some che...



S.N. asks from Minneapolis

I need new slippers. I've tried so many different kinds and price ranges but can't find ones that "work". My feet are cold all winter. The last ones I tried were f...


Preschoolers and Slippers

A.B. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone had any luck getting their preschooler to wear slippers? My three year old won't even keep his socks on. We live in an old home with hardwood floors, and...



L.A. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas - Any suggestions for a good pair of slippers for our 15 month old DS? Our apt is roasting hot, but my parents, where he spends much of his time, is...


Are There Any Slippers That Last????

S.B. asks from Omaha

UGH! I have purchased 2 sets of slippers each for my husband and my older son (now 14) for the past two winters. I don't buy super-expensive ones ($15-$25 range), b...


Ballet Slippers?

S.G. asks from San Diego

Where can I buy reasonably priced ballet slippers for my 2 1/2 year old? I check toys r us but they didn't have her size. I was told Walmart, but they no longer carry...


Supportive Slippers?

J.G. asks from Chicago

My feet ache when I am pregnant and I am looking to prevent as much pain and fluid as possible. I am in the market for some supportive slippers or shoes to wear in t...


Ballet Slippers

A.R. asks from Dallas

I've just started my almost 4 year old in ballet. I know you can get ballet slippers at Payless, but we tried them when she was two and they didn't fit her well. I ...