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R.S. asks from New York

Hey guys, wanted 2 know if any knew of any educational videos 4 my baby whose 7mths old?



J.S. asks from Los Angeles

I am in search of educational videos for my 19 month old. He likes Blues Clues, but there are only 2 on the market and we have them both. NO BARNEY but anything else ...


In Need of Good Educational Videos

L.V. asks from Dallas

My three and a half year old no longer naps. *sigh* So, we've resorted to rest time on the couch while watching a movie. She needs the down time or she is really c...


Baby Videos

D.G. asks from Washington DC

I am soon to have twins with a 19 month old already at home. I want to buy some DVDs for her to watch during times when I just need her to be entertained when I am to...


Learning Videos

T.G. asks from Phoenix

I'm looking into some learning DVD's, if you've used: Baby's First Impressions® or Brainy Baby DVD's or if there's another type of learning video that you've used an...


Educational Videos for 2 Yrs Old

G.G. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for some educational videos for my 2 1/2yrs old girl. Please share anything that your kids love! Thanks!


Educational Videos for a 14 Month Old

N.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms! Does any one have any good educational videos that can help a 14 month old with talking and social behaviors? Thanks!!


Fun Educational Videos for Toddlers/kids When Traveling.

B.H. asks from Salt Lake City

We are moving to MO in April and driving. It'll be about a 22 hour journey with our toddler. I was wondering what educational videos you have enjoyed for your kids. W...


Baby Einstein Videos

S.W. asks from Jacksonville

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding they were developed by a stay at home Mom trying to find something to stimulate her children...


Learning Videos for Pre School Age

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm trying to find some videos to help teach my preschooler. ie teaching letter sounds, counting, colors. Has anyone found any really good ones that you've used wit...