What to Do with Toys, Clothing and Baby Gear?

Updated on March 04, 2015
K.T. asks from Beverly, MA
10 answers

For those that are done having children, I was wondering what do you do with all the baby gear you no longer use, pack n plays, saucers, and the baby clothes, and toys your children outgrow that are in good condition? Do most of you have a yard sale? Sell them to second hand stores? I have heard you dont get that much from them though, or do you just give them away or sell them privately? Using the online sites to sell seems like such a hassle to me. How do you get rid of everything, yet make a few dollars?

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answers from Boston on

Hamilton-Wenham Integrated Preschool has an annual yard sale that accepts donations at the old Hamilton Library Tues am in April between 9-11 and the actual yard sale which is AWSOME is Saturday May 3 8-12 at the Winthrop School 1A Hamilton MA



answers from Dallas on

Consign your used gear at a consignment sale. You price your items and you keep 65-75% of what you sell. Plus as a consignor you get to shop the sale first for the best bargains!

My favorite is 1 Kid 2 Another because they fund amazing children's charities with proceeds from their sales.

Founder of 1 Kid 2 Another



answers from Cleveland on

In our area, spring and fall, preschool PTOs sponsor resale events. I found these accidentally when in the Babies/Children section of Craigslist. I went to 5 of these this past spring and loaded up on stuff for our new little one, the best sale of which I spent $76 on $550 worth of stuff retail! By next spring, I'll be ready to unload clothes and the baby swing.



answers from Richmond on

i am trying to figure out what to do with a big box of baby clothes that our
little girl has outgrown, they are all in good condition and all in newborn
girl sizes. anybody interested ?? all you gotta do is come get them
K. h.
call me at ###-###-#### or drop me an email at ____@____.com
i live right in midlothian, just off of 60



answers from Seattle on

You can sell them online yourself. Craigslist is free, but it is dangerous. If you want some kind of buyer/seller protection, there's Ebay - but then you'll pay seller fees if they sell. The first 50 listings on Ebay are free, last time I checked. If you do use that site, make sure you specify "pick up only" unless you are confident about shipping the items.

You could also use a consignment store as others have suggested. There's one near where I live but it's like a 50/50 share. I'd make more money off Craiglist.

You could also donate gently used clothes to a children's used clothing store. I've heard these are places where qualifying low-income families can buy clothes for their kids. Haven't tried it though.

Just one thing though: I don't think we are supposed to sell used car seats. They have a limited lifespan. Instead, trade them in at Babies R Us in exchange for a discount on new items.

Good luck!



answers from Boston on

You might want to think about donating all of your gently used items to one of the many homeless or domestic violence shelters in the area. One that comes to mind immediately is Inn Transition in Peabody. You can look their number up in the phone book. You could also contact any of the local social service agencies like DSS, Catholic Charities, SPIN, just look in the social services section of the yellow pages for ideas. You might not make cash, but you could probably write some of it off in next years taxes. Good luck.~S.


answers from Miami on

Hi K. T
My name is N. and I had the same problem and I noticed that my friends had the same problem too, so with the help of my husband I created a special site just for parents like myself to make an additional income right from home, while getting rid of all the used items from your children.

Founder Kidzdorm.com



answers from Boston on

Take them to a consignment shop like Children's Orchard or Just Kidding in Beverly. They resell them and you get a portion of the resale profits.



answers from Boston on

I have a multi-prong approach when it comes to baby/tot clothes:
-twice a year: take the nicer stuff to a local re-sale shop (I bring in two large bags, they may take one bag;s worth and I get ~$40.
- I post the 're-sale rejects' on craigslist; good photos help a lot!! Last time I did this, I sold most of my stuff and got about $30. It does take a lot of work - writing description, taking photos, etc. I only have time in the spring and summer to post stuff. Ebay is not worth pursuing, what with selling fees and all. I did my first-ever multi-family yard sale last fall, but didn't sell that many clothes.
-The rest: I donate or hold on to for A's cousin-to-be.

Unfortunately, the Goodwills won't take toy donations anymore b/c of all the recalls.


answers from Los Angeles on

In my case, I just arranged a garage sale to dispose all their old toys and things. I wasn't able to get that much but I enjoyed the experience.

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